Netflix Review: For Those Who Can’t Find Something to Watch

Logo from Netflix website

Logo from Netflix website

Sophie Fiore, Staff Reporter

Are you in the mood to binge-watch TV shows but don’t know which show to pick? These are the top 10 most popular shows on Netflix chosen by MHS students. These 10 choices were picked as the best for reasons ranging from their high ratings and exciting plotlines to their ability to draw people in.

Gossip Girl: In this all-time favorite drama, one will see the lives of the “Manhattan’s Elite”. This “Elite” group of friends lives the life under their parents’ fortune. This show gives its audience the inside scoop of teenagers Serena and Blair living it up in New York City. Despite how it may seem, life isn’t as great in the world of the wealthy. Their secrets aren’t protected, and no one’s safe from the inevitable Gossip Girl, for this all-knowing figure is watching their every move. Sophomore Bree Park is a “Gossip Girl” enthusiast: “It’s full of drama, and I love watching because they’re super rich and have the cutest couples.”
The Walking Dead:
In the modern-day world, everything is not as expected. A disease break out has triggered a zombie apocalypse. Police Officer Rick Grimes and other survivors try their best to stay alive during this tragic time. Constantly relocating, they must fight off “walkers” (the zombies) and try to defeat them before they’re all turned into such creatures. “Most of the time there’s a cliffhanger, which makes you want to watch more,” said Chris Washington, junior, “And all the characters are interesting in their own ways, and the way they interact with each other makes the show even more interesting.”

   The Vampire Diaries: This science-fiction show will give audiences quite a fright while also grabbing their attention and drawing them into the drama. One will step into Elena Gilberts’ shoes; she is living her teenage life with a twist. Everything is normal until she meets Stefan Salvatore. Her new love happens to be a vampire. They go through their ups and downs as they try to keep up with the drama of Mystic Falls, the setting of the show. Senior Reese Dolan watches the show. He said, “The biggest draw for me to “The Vampire Diaries” was the likeable cast that you start to know and love. It also includes an incredibly unrealistic lifestyle of high school students– far better than my actual life, so that’s intriguing.”

   One Tree Hill: As the title explains, there is only one “Tree Hill”–the town in which this drama unfolds. Here, brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott live two different lives in the same town. Despite their differences, they have one thing in common– basketball. Both brothers are very talented basketball players and must learn to live with that idea while also getting beyond their family feud. That’s not the only drama in Tree Hill. Watch this show to find out what else is in store for the Scott brothers. Sophomore Cara Schaul enjoys the show, explaining, “I really like “One Tree Hill” because it was filmed in the early 2000s. I like looking at their clothes and the music they play in the background. All the characters have their own spunk to them, which is cool. I definitely recommend it.”
Friday Night Lights:
“I love football shows, and I really like the unique personalities of all the characters,” said Olivia Michalski, junior. Like “One Tree Hill”, this drama has a running sports theme. Instead of basketball, the show features football. Coach Eric Taylor runs through obstacles while coaching the Dillon Panthers. With this, the viewer will also look into the lives of teenage football players and their dramas. All this expands into the town of Dillon, TX. The obstacles the characters face are that of real life issues. How some of these issues are handled may not be the best way of doing so, causing even more mayhem.
This thrilling mystery will have its viewers on the edge of their seats. Follow the life of Gregory House, a world-renowned diagnostician. His patients include those who have unsolved medical mysteries. Senior Jennimai Nguyen watches the show, saying, “It’s a very intricate show that has very intelligent story lines, and each episode is a new mystery you can solve.”
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit:
Similar to “House”, this show has a new mystery with each episode. One gets to see what it’s like to be a detective in New York City. Detective Olivia Benson is the long-running main character. Her feisty and brave personality is what keeps her going. The show is on its 18th season, though Netflix only has the last few seasons. Luckily, this is a show that the viewer can start or stop watching at any time due to its unique layout. Different crimes are committed in each episode, and the audience has to follow along to find the suspect. They have to watch out, though, because there’s a twist within every episode.
New Girl:
Unique homeless girl, Jess, must find an apartment in the busy city of Los Angeles. What she’s left with is three guys and an upbeat place in the heart of L.A. Their immaturity makes for lots of laughs. Throughout the show, they struggle with unusual problems while being single in LA. They make mistakes that they must fix, but their solutions usually end up creating more mayhem. Find out what these crazies are up to by watching their next season on Netflix.

   How I Met Your Mother: This show will give its viewers lots of laughs as well. Their episodes are structured like “SVU” and “House”. Each episode has a different anecdote of how main character Ted Mosby met his wife. He tells these unique and funny stories to his son and daughter 25 years later. One will see life in his shoes, along with his embarrassing and hilarious moments.

   The Office: This has to be one of the funniest shows, a classic. Main character and comedian Steve Carell runs the show and the office. He is the manager of Dunder Mifflin, a paper company. This comedy, hinted at by the title, is about the humorous lives of his fellow employees. Every episode is filled with hilarious jokes that will leave its viewers gasping for air. It’s no surprise the show has won many awards for it’s comedic actors. Junior Alexa Suaste enjoys watching the show: “It’s just a really funny show mainly because of all the characters. They play their parts perfectly and make it extremely funny to watch. I think if they tried changing actors, the show wouldn’t be the same because they all have a connection with their roles and with each other that makes the show as funny as it is.”