Warm Winter Drinks to Put a Spring in your Step


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The most popular drink this season is the holiday classic, hot chocolate, getting 130 out of 266 votes in a student survey.

Zoey Granitz, Staff Reporter

With the cold rolling in, everyone has their favorite drink that they reach for to ward it off. The most popular drink this season is the holiday classic, hot chocolate, getting 130 out of 266 votes in a student survey. This classic holiday drink was first made in the 17th century Europe, a luxury among the nobility because of the rarity of cocoa beans, only being grown in South America at that time. Sweet cocoa beans were even rarer.

“I just love how it tastes! It warms me up when it’s cold outside.” said Krista Shuck, a security guard at MHS.

The second favorite was holiday flavored coffee drinks, most often peppermint mocha. This has much less historic background but has become mainstream nonetheless. Popping up in American culture about eight years ago, it’s exploded into every coffee retailer. The recipes online are endless. Not surprisingly, a large 46 out of the 266 preferred it.

The third popular, not surprisingly, was eggnog. 41 people liked this best of the five. Made with eggs, milk, alcohol, and spices, this seasonal drink can be found in stores and homemade.

“I like the adult version of course. It’s something to have around the holidays. It’s something to look forward to. It’s very rich and not too sweet because I don’t really like stuff that’s too sweet,” said Rudy Cabrera.

Apple cider has been around for centuries. Getting 30 out of the 266 votes, while not popular, it’s still drunk by some. Unsweetened and made with raw apple parts, it’s slightly different than apple juice, but it’s just as good. Some like it warm while others like it cold, but it doesn’t matter in the long run. It’s still a favorite of a few.

“It’s very seasonal. You literally can’t get it at any other time of the year and apple juice just isn’t the same,” said Emma Smith, senior.

Finally, the least voted for was, surprisingly, tea. Yes, some people’s favorite holiday drink is tea. Served warm during the winter, it can be sweet, bitter, tart, or even savory. Coming to the United States in the Revolutionary Era, it’s been around since the mid-1600s. Not surprisingly, it’s still a favorite.

“Tea just has a better flavor and it comes in a large variety. You can find some for any types of taste you want. You just don’t have to have a coffee flavor in the background. It’s warm and wards off the cold.” said Tyler Aument, senior.

Despite the various differences in what drinks are preferred, it’s undeniable that winter blues call for a warm cup of—well, anything that gets the job done!