Freshman Lands Spot on Varsity Cheerleading Team


Jessica Nayden, freshman (right), poses with Jessie Kafka, junior (left), at a home football game.

Kylie Carrier, Staff Reporter

After being a cheerleader with Ultimate Athletics, an all-star cheer gym, Jessica Nayden is now able to have the full experience of being a varsity high school cheerleader– as a freshman.
Sister of Jessica Nayden, Senior Jennifer Nayden said that she is very happy that her younger sister made varsity, as Jennifer Nayden has been an MHS cheerleader during the competition seasons and plans to try out again for the upcoming competition season.

“I can tell she wants the team to do its best this season and wants to make her year as a varsity cheerleader successful,” said Jennifer Nayden.

Jennifer Nayden also looks forward to spending some time with her sister during cheerleading in order to see her younger sister succeed.

“I’m especially excited because that gives me and her a chance to be on the same team come competition season,” said Jennifer Nayden.

Jessica Nayden has been a team player no matter what the circumstances have been. She said she tries to expect the unexpected at all times because being a freshman on varsity doesn’t come without its difficulties. Yet, she never lets these obstacles keep her down, which her teammates have noted about her.

“She sometimes struggles in stunts, but she doesn’t get frustrated and just tries again,” said Varsity Cheerleader Ashley Hassan, freshman.

These strugglers are a result of Jessica Nayden being a new flyer.

“I’m new at flying, and I have to focus on not giving up and staying tight in the air,” Jessica Nayden said.

Her teammates acknowledged that her persistent attitude will only help make her more successful in the future.

“I think that if Jessica stays determined and stays in cheer throughout all four years, I think that she has the potential to become a leader,” Jennifer Nayden said.

Jessica Nayden decided to do high school cheerleading because she said she wanted to make these four years some of the best years of her life.

As a result, she has a very specific mindset on how she wants her first year on varsity to go.

“I try my best and try not to let my team down,” said Jessica Nayden.

According to friends and family, Jessica Nayden has been a talented and hardworking person all her life, and she continued to push herself harder going into high school.

So far, the experience has gone well for her.

“I was so happy that I was given an opportunity to cheer with this new team and make new friends,” said Jessica Nayden.

When she first made varsity, though, she was anxious, yet she told herself she was ready to get on the field and start the season off right.  Her teammates helped her keep this outlook.

“I kept going because you get to make new friends, and it pushes you to work hard,” she said. “It’s a really exciting sport.”

Besides the friendship benefit to the sport, Jessica Nayden also said it’s been a good experience for building various life skills.

“You do get to develop more friendship/leadership skills and work hard with each other. It is like a family,” she said.

And her teammates had positive comments for her as well.

“Jessica always has a smile on her face even when we do something we don’t want to do,” said Hassan. “She encourages her teammates at practices and games.”

Nayden is known for being a sweet and determined young woman who never wants to let her team down.

Said Nayden, “I want the season to be successful, to grow and learn with my team. I want to work together, not apart.”