Full House Just Got Fuller


photo courtesy of IMDB

Kylie Carrier, Staff Reporter

People have often said that one should never mess with the original movie or TV show, and that should have remained true for the “Full House” creator Jeff Franklin when he considered making a continuation of the 90s family comedy for the young audience of the twenty-first century.

Yet, he released the follow up series “Fuller House” in 2016 on Netflix.  While it contains similar plots and several of the same characters as “Full House”, it just isn’t the same. “Fuller House” attempted to bring back the fun-loving TV show, but it didn’t exactly hit the target because it’s hard to match the actors, quotes and lessons of the original series that made it so popular.

“Full House” told the story of a single dad trying to manage his time while raising three young daughters after his wife is killed by a drunk driver.  His brother-in-law and best friend move in with the family to assist.

At least for the first episode of “Fuller House”, much of the original cast makes an appearance, but only a few stay for the whole two seasons of “Fuller House”.

Oldest daughter and now main character of “Fuller House”, D.J. Tanner played by Candace Cameron-Bure is a single, widowed mother raising three boys in her childhood home. Her middle sister Stephanie Tanner played by Jodie Sweetin and Tanner’s best friend Kimmy Gibbler played by Andrea Barber also join forces to help raise the three boys and Gibbler’s daughter.

While the director tried to make “Fuller House” bigger and better, they may have gone too far, considering this new edition just repeats the same concept as “Full House” without much originality.

Yes, “Fuller House” introduces some new characters, such as the oldest son of D.J. Tanner, Jackson Fuller, who is played by Michael Campion, the middle child Max Fuller played by Elias Harger and the youngest son Tommy Fuller played by Dashiell Messitt.  Additionally, there is one girl thrown into the mix as Gibbler’s daughter Ramona Gibbler who is played by Soni Nicole Bringas.

None of these characters, however, match the best and funniest character from “Full House, which was Michelle Tanner played by twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  Michelle Tanner was loved by many because she was little, funny and said some memorable quotes, such as “You got it dude” and “You’re in big trouble mister”. Her character could put a smile on anyone’s face.

Neither of the twins actually ever makes an appearance in the new series despite the returning cast referring to Michelle Tanner through a few dramatic comments.

This is one way “Fuller House” got it wrong. The best characters were not included. Some key ones returned, but they were not the lovable ones from the original series.  More of the original cast should have been incorporated beyond just the first episode.  This would have made the new TV show a little more fun and entertaining.

“Fuller House” was pretty good with several moments of laughter, but “Full House” had a better, more original story about how imperfect families can still be the best families.

Overall, though, both of these TV shows contain similar lessons and themes that are appropriate for children. They give advice on good behavior and how to overcome difficult times with the help of loved ones.  “Full House” just did a better job by bringing more laughter to the family room.

The “Full and Fuller House” creators tried, but they didn’t hit the standard.  It is hard to make a sequel of the original and even harder to make it better. “Full House” just got a little too full with the new cast, but at least the creators attempted to revamp the series for a new generation.