Being a Cubs Fan is a Hit This Season


Delaney Appelhans

Masses of Cubs fans crowd the streets, making their way towards the celebration rally held at Grant Park.

Kylie Carrier, Staff Reporter

Being a Chicago Cubs fan got a lot better this 2016 season. The Chicago Cubs baseball team participated in the MLB postseason and is the World Series champion. The players were able to do well with the help of their fans cheering them on every step of the way.

They were the best team in baseball at the end of the regular season, which gave them home field advantage for the first rounds of postseason. They achieved an impressive record of winning more than 100 games on their home field.

“I have been a Cubs fan my whole life,” said Diane Covert, English Department Chair.

Covert has been a Chicago Cubs fan ever since she was four years old. Her father and her family have grown up in Chicago and have played baseball together as well.

When Covert’s father was in the military, he would play baseball whenever he got the chance, so baseball has come to mean everything to her, especially when it comes to the Cubbies.

Most Cubs fans have watched baseball all their lives even when the Cubs struggled to do well and have dedicated themselves to the sport and the players.

“I’ve gone through the struggle of seeing them lose,” said Mason Schultz, sophomore.

The Chicago Cubs hadn’t won the World Series in 108 years and hadn’t won the National League Pennant in 71 years.

Despite year after year of losses for fans, many still found joy in attending the games.

“Going down to Wrigley Field is one of the greatest experiences ever,” said Zach Scott, freshman.

Scott explained that going to a Cubs game is something he never wants to miss because of the excitement and energy the experience creates.

Yet, he said that same excitement could be felt just sitting in one’s family room this season, considering how well the season went for the team.

“As I [saw] the Cubs playing, I realized how much they really wanted the trophy. They wanted the title of being the best out there,” said Katie Miller, sophomore.

As the players demonstrated their greatness this season, fan support only grew.

“Through the thick and thin, the Cubs fans are always there for them,” said Scott.

Many fans felt they had a duty to their team, which included the responsibility of encouraging and lifting team spirit.  As a result, Chicago Cubs supporters have become known for their faithfulness.

Now that the Cubs have had a successful year, fans continue to expect great performances in the future, especially since many of the players are young talent.

“It is wonderful that they are young, and I think that this is a wonderful time for them,” said Covert.

Key players this season included Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant.

But some might argue the key component has been the longtime support of fans.

“I have been a Cubs fan since day one. I have seen them struggle, but now that they are becoming a success, it is fun being one,” said Schultz.

It may seem that it has been too long since the Cubs have won, but the wait is what has created the extreme excitement.

“The Chicago Cubs [are] a team where you have to expect the unexpected,” said Miller.

And the unexpected happened this year with a seventh game win in the World Series, and a victory parade that drew 5 million people– the seventh largest gathering ever recorded in world history.

The memorable moments from this season are numerous and will not soon be forgotten.

Scott said, “So many people together singing, “Go Cubs Go”, after a Cubs’ win is something you’d never forget.”