Plans of a Trump Administration


screenshot courtesy of Donald Trump’s Twitter

Ben Szalinski, Sports Editor

The following are the plans of President-Elect Donald Trump as compiled from speeches and statements given by Trump and organized by National Public Radio (NPR):


  • Has promised $1 trillion spending on nation’s infrastructure
    • Estimated by the nonpartisan Committee for Responsible Federal Budgets to add $5.3 trillion to the National Debt of ten years
  • Cut taxes for businesses to 15 percent
  • Create an economic policy that grows the economy at 4 percent and create 25 million jobs through simplifying the tax brackets from seven to three while reducing middle class taxes 35 percent
    • Estimated to add $7.2 trillion to debt
  • Has not committed to reform of entitlements or Social Security



  • Cancel federal funding to sanctuary cities
  • Remove two million illegal immigrants who have committed crimes (numbered believed to be less than two million)
  • Suspend immigration from nations like Syria where immigrants cannot be reliably vetted
  • Build a wall on the Mexican border and create more criminal penalties for those who enter or reenter the U.S. illegally in order to discourage illegal immigration


Government or Social Affairs:

  • Propose a constitutional amendment for term limits for members of Congress
  • Enact a hiring freeze of federal employees, not including military, public safety or public health
  • Decrease regulations; two eliminated for each new one created
  • Pick a Supreme Court nominee who practices restraint and mirrors the values of the late Justice Antonin Scalia
  • Increase resources for law enforcement to fight drugs and crime
  • End Common Core and look to add more school choice for parents
  • Repeal and replace Obamacare (likely will not repeal the entire Affordable Care Act)
  • Protect the rights of LGBTQ citizens (first Republican President to do so)


Foreign/Military Policy:

  • Increase spending and size of military
  • Renegotiate or leave North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  • Give veterans choices for their healthcare between the Veteran’s Administration and private doctors
  • Create a better partnership with Russia
  • End or renegotiate the Iran Nuclear Deal
  • Strengthen military action including possible ground troops to defeat ISIS



  • Lift restrictions on the energy sector, including coal and oil and build Keystone Pipeline
  • Pay less to United Nations climate change programs and use the money to fix environmental problems in America