Link Crew


Yearbook Staff

Link Crew members show off their t-shirts on the first day of school.

Caleb Kowalewski, Staff Reporter

Link Crew is a transitional program for incoming freshmen to learn more about the school and the high school experience from upperclassmen. While Link Crew has been met with mixed reviews—some people feeling the need for Link Crew, others calling it unnecessary—the majority of those involved have positive comments about the program with some suggestions for improvement.

“[Link Crew members] are helping freshmen come in and transition easily. They’re also there to help you with classes if you need help, like studying or writing a paper or something,” said Faith Krabbe, freshman. “I could always ask them a question, and they could help me.”

Many freshmen said Link Crew has been a great resource as they transitioned from middle school to high school.  As a result, some said Link Crew should be even more involved with the freshmen.

“I think [one improvement would be] more frequency, like coming into homeroom more often and doing more stuff with the homeroom,” said Jessica Herrmann, homeroom teacher.

Another suggestion given is that Link Crew leaders should be in closer proximity to the homerooms they are assigned, so the freshmen can get help if they need it when they need it.

“If their homeroom could be where their students are, then the students could just go up to them and just ask them a question without leaving the class. That could help,” said Derek Lee, freshman.

Over the years, though, people have seen growth in the Link Crew program as more and more upperclassmen show an eagerness to join and help out the freshmen.
Said Senior Kaitlyn Watkins, co-president of Link Crew, “It [has been] so much fun being able to help [the freshmen], be their friend and to just kind of say ‘hi’ to them in the hall and different things like that and get them through high school.”