Wrestlers Prepare for Next Season After State Run


Paige Corrigan

Logan Kvien, sophomore, winning a match at sectionals on Feb. 11.

Maggie O'Donnell, Staff Reporter

This year Mundelein had three wrestling state qualifiers: Sophomore Logan Kvien with a record of 39-13, Sophomore Reese Durlacher with a record of 40-7 and Junior Dane Durlacher with a record of 42-7. The three boys competed at state in Champaign from Feb. 16-18 with one goal in mind– getting to the podium.

“[It was a] cool accomplishment, but I wanted a state medal in the end,” said Dane Durlacher, who placed fourth in state for his weight class of 106.

Reese Durlacher and Kvien fell short of making it to the podium this year. Kvien lost in his semifinal wrestleback match against Freshman Jaden Glauser from McHenry High School, just one match away from third and fourth place. Reese Durlacher was unable to wrestle his way out of wrestlebacks to make it to the podium.

“It was awesome to be there and all, but next year it’ll be better once I get up on the podium,” said Reese Durlacher.

Although Kvien and Reese Durlacher weren’t able to make it to the podium this year, they both still have two years ahead of them to achieve this goal. In the meantime, they accomplished one goal of just making it to state.

“I practiced all year to try and achieve the goal of going to state,” said Kvien, who took top eight in his weight class of 170.

The boys went through pain week after week, but still fought through it in hopes that it would help them get to state.

“The hardest part was getting to practice every day because you just want to rest sometimes, but you can’t,” said Kvien.

All three boys had to overcome some kind of obstacle to get to state, and with the support from their teammates and families, it was possible.

“The hardest part was probably continuing to work hard every week and fight through the pain I was in, but in the end, I knew it would pay off,” said Reese Durlacher.

With the help from his older brother Dane Durlacher pushing him to work his hardest, Reese Durlacher was able to make it to state.

In preparation for state next year, each wrestler has set personal goals for themselves.

“My goals for next season, after seeing how I ended this year, are to place at state (top 6), and I plan to do this by coming in every day at practice ready to work,” said Kvien. “I also am going to be doing a lot of off-season training for wrestling like going to Poeta [a wrestling training camp], and doing many other off-season things to train for next season.”

Dane Durlacher had similar goals.

“My goal for next season is to be an undefeated state champ,” he said. “I’m going to work hard all off-season to obtain that goal.”