Positive Mindset, Supportive Friends Follow Deap into Cancer Research Program


photo courtesy of d120.org

Tyler Yakimisky, Assistant Editor

Henry Deap, junior, has recently been selected for the CURE summer cancer research program at the University of Chicago.

This program is funded by the National Cancer Institute and private donors. The camp runs for eight weeks and is held in the cancer research institutions on the University of Chicago campus.

According to the camp’s website, “Students gain an understanding of the basics of cancer biology through seminars presented by faculty members on topics, such as cancer genes, cell cycle proteins, carcinogenesis, hematologic malignancies, etc.”

This selection couldn’t benefit anyone more than Deap. Deap not only plans on going to the camp and taking away what he can, but he also plans on majoring in oncology and medicine. Therefore, this camp will give him a head start on pursuing his dream.

“I want to build a foundation for myself in learning about cancer research and cures,” said Deap.

This camp is equipped with the mentors and equipment to give students an insight into cancer research, and Deap said he is very excited to attend.

“We are going to do different experiments and labs related to cancer,” said Deap.

For the students, this camp will allow them to see if they want to go into a career involved with cancer and medicine, or if they should try something else.

However, for Deap, he is optimistic that the experience will only solidify his interests in cancer research.

“I’m looking to build that foundation with the hands-on projects that will be introduced and to meet the professors and mentors,” said Deap in a March 10 press release from MHS.

Deap’s classmates also believe he is the perfect selection for this cancer research program.

“Henry has a lot of skills and talents that make him qualified for this program. He has multiple opportunities and interests in these types of things,” said Junior Carter Pacis, who is in medical club with Deap.

MHS’s medical club is in its first year, and through the club, students have been able to take field trips to colleges, participate in activities that challenge their thinking and listen to guest speakers with careers in healthcare or medicine.

Maaz Imam, another junior who is friends with Deap, agrees with Pacis.

“Henry is one of those guys who is just willing to help,” he said. “He’s one of those guys where if I ever need math help, I just give him a call, and he walks me through it.”

Additionally, Imam also wants to go into a career in medicine, but he feels like it is not the characteristics that allow some to follow their dreams but their mindset.

“Personally, I believe in pursuit of positive impact because that is something I feel is lacking in the modern world today. Especially in the society we live in, it’s very self-absorbed, and they have a mindset of how fast can I make money, how fast can I do what I want to do,” said Imam.

Since Imam and Deap are friends, Imam recognized this ideal mindset in Deap.

“It is really important for us to consider there is more to life and more to consider than just ourselves,” said Imam.

This shows how Deap doesn’t want to major in oncology and medicine for the pay and self-pride, but for a better, un-selfish reason. Deap even said it himself.

“I want to make a change in the world and help others,” he said, “So they don’t have to go through the pain and suffering from cancer.”