‘Everything, Everything’ Novel Worth the Read

photo courtesy of Goodreads

photo courtesy of Goodreads

Arely Silva-Lopez, Staff Reporter

In Nicola Yoon’s first young adult novel “Everything, Everything”, a young girl is isolated by rules made to save her life, which separate her from the rest of the world.

In this novel, Madeline is an 18-year-old girl who suffers from a rare disease called SCID– a disease that prevents her from having any contact with the outside world. As she tries to live her life, her relationships are limited to her mother, Pauline Whittier, and her caretaker, Carla, with whom she plays Phonetic Scrabble and has conversations about books.

An unexpected turn changes her life when she sees Olly, her new neighbor, for the very first time. Soon Olly and Madeline find themselves talking through emails and IM, and they both write corny messages written on their windows as a way of communication.

As time progresses, Madeline finds herself opening up to him by sharing her feelings she has never felt before and about her lack of interaction with people her age. Olly also opens up to her by feeling something he’s never felt before: love.

Olly and Madeline continue to create a strong bond, causing her to escape from her house to see the world beyond her four walls.  This escape, though, raises a question: is Madeline capable of figuring out who she really is and what life has to offer on her own?

“Everything, Everything” also focuses on promoting diversity and embracing one’s own quirks. For example, Madeline is a social outcast who offers a different side to everyone’s perceptions of her. Not many always want to address this issue.

Additionally, the story includes illustrations drawn by Nicolina Yoon’s husband, David, which adds a bit of peculiarity to the book. The book also includes lists, excerpts of conversations and charts, all creating a unique and friendly story.

“Everything, Everything” has been turned into a movie that will be released in May. The novel is definitely worth reading before then, as it will grab everyone’s attention with its romantic and cute storyline and memorable characters but most importantly with its plot twists.