Thank You to All My Senior Editors



Melissa Burgett will attend Illinois State University in the fall, majoring in mass media communications.

Melissa Burgett, Print Editor-in-Chief

Any long-winded introduction to this piece would most definitely ruin the genuine gratitude (and add to my already restricted word count) I wish to extend to everyone who has made these past four years successful.

Mrs. Didzbalis, you’ve made a home for eight seniors in your classroom. You opened your doors to freshmen in whom you saw potential after just one term of work and began to train us in the art of creation and news distribution. I can speak for all of us when we say this course has prepared us the most for understanding the world around us and why free press is one of the most important rights we have as young Americans.

Stefani, you’re a pain and incredibly difficult to work with. You never listen to what others say and you make your own decisions. You’re also my best friend. You choose your own adventure, and I am incredibly jealous of your ability to do so. Never let anyone tell you that you are anything but amazing.

Michael, at the risk of sounding like your mother, I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished this year. You have an ability no one else does; every photo you take has something magical about it. Your sister is going to grow up with the most amazing brother in the world.

Delaney, your voice is amazing. You speak volumes with every word that comes out of your mouth. You’re so incredibly intelligent, and I’m so excited that you’ve gotten into UIUC.

Alex, you were quite possibly the most underappreciated editor on the entire staff. We never were able to fully thank you for the work you put in.

Kate, if only you knew how to properly pick up children, we’d have had you for longer. You were the most helpful and cheerful person I’ve ever met. Thank you for always being supportive of the rest of us and always having a beautiful smile on your face.

Ben, I’ve never met anyone with the ability to so calmly and intelligently talk about political issues. Every article you’ve written for The Mustang has been enthralling; your ability to explain yourself in 500 words or less has been the subject of my jealousy for years.

Adriana, how could anyone say that your years at MHS have been easy? I have no idea how you maintain all your positions in student government, FBLA and the newspaper without wanting to tear your hair out. I’ve enjoyed my time under the Feijoo dictatorship.

Thank you to our readers, thank you to our supporters, and thank you to MHS for the most enlightening years of education I’ve had and for allowing me the honor to represent our news in print form.