A Thank You to All of Those Who Have Helped Me Through High School


Ashley Nensel

Adriana Feijoo will attend George Washington University, majoring in political science and public policy, with a minor in political communication.

Adriana Feijoo, Business Editor

Four years ago, I walked through those front doors as a scared freshman who was so unaware of all the amazing opportunities this school would have for me. From the moment I joined journalism, I immediately fell in love. The people were amazing, the information we learned was interesting, and getting to publish a newspaper was fulfilling. As my passion for journalism continued to grow with every year that passed, I began to realize that I want to continue writing for many years to come.

With that being said, I plan to double major in political science and political communications next year at George Washington University where I will be able to continue my love for writing and sharing news with others. I am so grateful for all of the people who have shaped me into the person I am today; I wouldn’t be where I am without all of your love and support.

Mrs. Didzbalis, having you as a teacher has been such an incredible experience. Your kindness and joy throughout our four years together have taught me how to treat others with care and to always put others before myself. You have always been such a positive role model in my life, and I am so grateful to have had a teacher who encouraged me every day. Thanks for being my favorite teacher throughout high school. But most importantly, thank you for always believing in me. I will never forget the teacher who changed my life by showing me I could accomplish anything I put my mind to.

Delaney, you are so amazing! Thank you for always making me laugh and for teaching me to always believe in yourself. I cannot wait to see all the amazing things you do next year. Love you, Del!

Ben, thank you for always listening to my rants. You are one of the sweetest and most hard-working people I know. Good luck next year; you’re going to do great things.

Stefani & Melissa, thank you for always being so creative, loving and supportive. You guys were extraordinary leaders for the newspaper, and I am grateful that I was able to work with you!

Jake & Gabby, thank you for being my best friends. I love you guys so much. Thank you for always being by my side and working hard every day with me. I couldn’t have made it through high school without you guys.

Eubin, thanks for being such a supportive and loving boyfriend. You are so intelligent, and I cannot wait to see all the incredible things you do next year and in the years to come. Love you!

Marissa & Allison, thank you both for being such amazing friends. You are both so beautiful inside and out, and I am confident that you guys are going to change the world one day!

My past four years at MHS have been filled with endless amounts of homework, school events 24/7 and non-stop fun, and I know I will never forget my amazing friends and teachers who have made high school so worthwhile.  I wouldn’t trade my experiences at Mundelein for anything, but I know it is time for me to move on. Next year at George Washington University, I will be able to continue my passion for serving my community and getting involved. I am very excited to be spending the next four years in Washington D.C. studying political science and political communications. I know this opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without all the help from my friends, family members and teachers. Thank you, MHS, for everything you have done for me; I will never forget where my story began.