‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Proved Positive Film


Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Citlalli Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

“A Dog’s Purpose” directed by Lasse Hallstrom is a new must-see movie. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron, the film along with the book, captures the magnificent feeling of being a dog owner. With a PG parental rating, it’s a film suitable for the whole family and will make everyone with a heart smile and cry.

The main character, voiced by Josh Gad, is Bailey, the dog who viewers follow along on his journey. Beside him is his first best friend and owner Ethan, played by various actors at different stages of Ethan’s life– Bryce Gheisar, K.J. Apa and Dennis Quaid.

The two share an unbreakable bond until Ethan is a teen, and Bailey dies of old age. After Bailey dies, he is reincarnated again and again to find himself living his life inside a new pup with new families each time. Each life, though, offers him a new lesson, which eventually leads him back to Ethan later on in life.

During some lives, Bailey learns that not everyone is a good person nor will people always look out for him and his best interest. In other lives, he meets special people who teach him about honesty, loyalty and love.

This is the case when Bailey lived with Ethan. Bailey gives Ethan the push he needs to find himself a special someone. Before that, Bailey also helps Ethan out with school bullies on more than one occasion.

This is also the case with a later owner when Bailey becomes a German shepherd police dog and teaches his partner how to love again after his owner’s wife dies.

These are the reasons why this movie is brilliant; it gets personal and makes the audience feel deeply.

But the movie didn’t come without some controversy, which revolved around a scene in which Bailey had to rescue a young girl.

TMZ released a video of the filming of this scene, which showed the dog actor under emotional distress. This caused many to question whether or not the dogs were mistreated during the production of the movie.

While the director and leading actors denied any form of mistreatment of any dogs, PETA still boycotted the film.

Despite these claims, this feel-good comedy is bound to get viewers jumping for joy and weeping for loss. The setting of each scene sets the mood in such a way that forces the audience to connect with the emotional aspect of the moment.

For example, the house where Ethan lived was set next to a wheat field, where Bailey playfully chases after Ethan. Such scenes create a sense of comfort and joy among the audience.

Other times, when the mood is meant to be serious and dreary, the scene incorporated special effects, like rain, thunder and lighting.

Overall, “A Dog’s Purpose” is created to remind us about love and loyalty, especially from our canine friends. At the end of the film, viewers walk away knowing that dogs are probably the most loyal beings out there and that they will always love us more than they love themselves.

This is definitely an A-plus, must-see film that can still be seen in select theaters.  Otherwise, it will be worth the wait to see this movie when it comes out on DVD.