‘The Big Bang Theory’ Shifts Focus With Season 10


The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS. Photo courtesy of IMDB.

Carson Beck, Staff Reporter

Although I didn’t watch the show “The Big Bang Theory” when it came out with its first episode and season in 2007, I have caught up and watched every single episode of every single season since then.

The show is unique as it starts out with two physicist nerds, Sheldon and Leonard, living together in their apartment alongside their friends, Raj and Howard.  Across the hall lives their dream girl, Penny.

The original premise of the show focuses on Leonard trying to have a relationship with Penny, which results in constant failed attempts until he finally succeeds near the end of the first season.

Sheldon is Leonard’s roommate. Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons, who has won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Actor in a Television series for Comedy as well as a Golden Globe, is a very quirky and odd character who lives off routine that never can be interfered with. The show often revolves around Sheldon because he has some social problems from being inconsiderate at times to not being able to recognize sarcasm, which often causes stress with the other characters and leads to conflicts.

Additionally, Sheldon did not have a girlfriend in the early seasons, and the focus remained on his friendships with Raj, Howard and Leonard who bonded over their shared interest of science and difficulties in interacting with women.

Now the show is currently on its tenth season, and while it still has its comedic elements, the foundational premise of the show has almost been completely ruined.

Now Sheldon has a girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler, who he met on an online dating website. Leonard is married to Penny, the woman he once thought was out of his league. Raj is able to talk to women while being sober and is now able to date multiple women at one time. Howard also has finally found a girlfriend named Bernadette, who he eventually marries and has a baby with, and the biggest change of all is Sheldon no longer lives in the same apartment as Leonard. Instead he is living with Amy in Penny’s apartment, and Penny is living with Leonard in his apartment.

All these drastic changes have flipped the show upside down. The show originally focused on Leonard going for the girl of his dreams who he would never have a shot with. Howard, a creepy flirt landing a wife as well as having a child, draws away from his character, and Sheldon, a person of habit and routine, now aims to change in order to please his girlfriend.

The entertaining dynamics of the group’s usual routines and traditions have been interrupted by the inclusion of girlfriends. Beforehand, the group enjoyed stereotypical nerdy hobbies, such as playing Dungeons and Dragons, going to the comic book store, playing video games and doing science research at the university.

Now the focus is them going out to dinner or meeting their girlfriends’ families.  The show is no longer about four lonely guys who make the best of it together with their typical, funny, nerdy routines.

Instead of being a comedy, season 10 feels more like a dramatic comedy.  Season 10 now focuses on all the guy-girl relationships and the struggles that come with changing their living habits and locations.  While it’s still a really good show, viewers must be willing to accept the shift in plots and characters to continue with the series.