Good Morning Mustangs


Alex Heraty, Staff Reporter

Every morning after first period, MHS students and staff take a moment to listen to the morning announcements, part of a new MHS tradition.

What started in late fall of 2016 as a new way to get information out to students has turned into a daily soundbite of school spirit.

The voice of the morning announcements is Junior JP Reyes. Reyes has always aspired to share his enthusiasm with as many people as he can, making this the perfect job for him.

“I have always wanted to do something like this because I get to engage with other people at the school and show some energy,” said Reyes.

Reyes started reading the morning announcements when MHS Principal Dr. Anthony Kroll noticed the school was missing an effective way to get information out to all MHS students, as announcements could not be heard throughout the entire building before this school year.

“My freshman year, I wasn’t aware of anything. There were flyers around the school, but people don’t go to the flyers for information,” said Reyes.

After being inspired by the morning announcements at Palatine High School and from his own high school experience, Kroll turned his vision into a reality.

“With the opening of the new building, we were able to redo the PA system in the entire building, so now everyone can hear the announcements,” said Kroll.

Kroll likened Reyes’s positive energy to Robin Williams’s character in the movie “Good Morning Vietnam”, as it’s an effective complement to the daily briefing of school events.

“He’s taken what can be dry reporting of announcements and put creativity and personality into it,” he said.

The morning announcements are paired with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence conducted by Boy Scouts Ben Denson, sophomore, and Matthew Pawlowski, freshman.

“I am very active in my Boy Scout troop, and I feel confident that I’m able to fulfill my duties [as a Boy Scout],” said Denson.

Although saying the pledge is required, Kroll and the Boy Scouts alike believe it should not be passed up.

“[Saying the pledge] shows that we are a school that appreciates the people who started this country and the people who have been fighting for it since then,” said Pawlowski.

Kroll noted that time for daily announcements will be allotted in next year’s new eight-period schedule, so the tradition can continue for years to come.

“It’s really cool having the Boy Scouts take care of the pledge and the moment of silence and then having another person being the personality by taking on the announcements part,” said Kroll. “It’s a single act every day that everybody participates in that shows we are part of one organization and one nation.”