New Drake Album Drops to Mixed Reviews


A timeline of rapper Drake’s studio releases.

Citlalli Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

“More Life” by Drake was released on March 18, and upon its release, it received many controversial reactions.

Classified under the genres of hip-hop, rap and contemporary R&B, “More Life” is a mixture of much more than just two genres. It’s also a collaboration of dance music, Afrobeat and grime.

While critics claimed “More Life” did not live up to fan expectations, compared to Drake’s previous works, like “Views” and “Take Care”, it still broke records across the globe. It sat at number one on the Billboard 200 for three weeks in a row and continues to top the charts. It’s also worth noting that the last album to chart at number one for the first three weeks was also Drake’s mixtape, “Views.”

Drake himself discourages people from comparing “More Life” to his previous works, as he classifies this new work as more of a ¨playlist”, not an album or mixtape.

Such an expressive playlist, full of emotion, makes it hard to say that “More Life” isn’t the slightest bit captivating. Its diverse track list is supposed to show the many sides of Drake and bring to light many different emotions.  These variations in all his tracks never cease to come to an end.

His inner South African comes out in tracks like “Get It Together”, along with his swoon-disco side in “Passionfruit” and “Madiba Riddim”. These tracks display a sense of freedom and cause the listener an uncontrollable urge to move to the beat. No doubt that “Madiba Riddim” and “Passionfruit” have the potential to be summer night jams.

While “Teenage Fever” has more of an electro-groovy feel to it, other tracks like “Glow” end more on a gospel note.

Although this diverse playlist received equal reactions of praise and criticism, the track “KMT” received the most back lash as Drake was accused of copying a lesser-known rapper XXXTENTACION in his track “Look at Me.” Also, some tracks on “More Life”, precisely like “KMT”, are seen to be plainly tasteless with no real angle except for having a nice and hard beat.

“More chune for your head top so watch how you speak on my name you know¨ is a phrase said by Drake first in 2016 during his American Music Awards acceptance speech. Then he later repeated this phrase at the end of the track “Jorja Introlude.” At first listeners wondered what this catchy phrase meant. With more clarification, we learned that Drake uses the phrase to express the level of respect his name has gained for his contribution to and success in the music world.

“More Life” continued to hype excitement when people became aware of the vast artists featured on Drake’s album. The artists featured on “More Life” include Jorja Smith, Quavo, Travis Scott, Giggs, 2 Chainz, Young Thug, Kanye West and lastly PartyNextDoor. Each person adds flavor to the mixed feeling Drake puts off in “More Life.” While most of these artists are only featured on one song, British up-and-coming rapper Giggs is featured on the track “No Long Talk”, as well as “KMT.”

Overall, “More Life” is a playlist that should receive a seven out of ten but parental advisory is advised. Its mixed personality creates a sense of sensibility and euphoric confusion because while at times it may feel as though the listener is listening to nonsense, he or she can feel the emotions and the hard work put into the music. And for that, “More Life” is not like any work previously done.