There’s A New Sheriff In Town

New Special Resource Officer, Steve Balogh, is the newest MHS security officer. Photo courtesy of

Maggie O'Donnell, Assistant Features Editor


  As the new School Resource Officer, Steve Balogh will ensure peace at the high school by working with the school community, the students, the staff and the Mundelein Police Department.

  “[My job] is teaching, learning, developing and doing stuff within the classroom. Also, [I will be] assisting and developing relationships with the staff and students to bridge the gap between the police department and the school. I am not here as a means of arresting everybody,” he said.

  Balogh, instead, said he is a resource for the school community.  

  “Because in today’s society and what’s going on, it’s nice to have an officer in the school,” said Balogh, “Because of what has happened in the past, with, unfortunately, mass school shootings.”

  Officer Balogh also said he is excited to learn the ropes and to develop connections with the students and faculty.

  “Learning the role of the SRO at MHS is a big thing because this position is so different than anything I’m used to, being on the road or being a teacher– it’s kind of a culmination of both, and so I’m excited to learn the role,” said Officer Balogh.

  Officer Balogh’s qualification comes from his experience in the police force, but also his credentials and charisma.

  “Officer Balogh was a teacher for a while, and he also has had some experiences with different police forces, so his personality, his experience in education, and obviously the fact that he was a qualified officer made him a good candidate, so when we met him, that’s what we liked about him,” said Dr. Anthony Kroll, principal.

  Previously working as a third grade and a fifth grade teacher, Officer Balogh wanted to help the community at a larger level. Having college friends who pursued careers in law enforcement encouraged him to pursue this line of work.

  The job aspects Officer Balogh is most looking forward to include “developing relationships with students, getting involved in activities at the school, learning and meeting the staff, and just becoming apart of the MHS family.”

  Officer Balogh and his fiance decided to move to Mundelein from Avondale, Arizona, a suburb west of Phoenix, because he originally was from a neighboring town to Mundelein and wanted to be closer to family.  

  “Unfortunately, for the past four years, we weren’t able to see anyone during the holidays, birthdays or large events, so before we got too far into our careers, we decided to make the move back home and continue our careers here,” said Officer Balogh.

  His job here requires him to interact with a variety of people every day in both positive and negative situations.   

  “I have the ability to make a difference in each day,” he said. “I help people on their worst days. The people I deal with, unfortunately, it’s probably their worst day they’ve been through whether it’s a death in the family, a domestic issue or just a rough day. I can bring my professionalism and friendliness to help them through that bad day in a positive light opposed to that negative light.”

  This aspect to his personality has been seen by others with whom he works.

  Said Dr. Kroll, “He’s approachable, so again when you have an officer in the building, you want that person to be making connections with students, making relationships with students, and not because they’re trying to get something, but in case something does happen, people feel comfortable going to Officer Balogh.”