Plug into these Indie-Alternative Musicians on Your Next Playlist


Lead singer of Hippo Campus, Jake Luppen, at their show in Wisconsin on November 11, 2017.

Gianna Scibetta, Editor-in-chief

With a year of music coming to an end, music enthusiasts have artists to discover who should be featured on their new year’s playlist. Here are four underrated artists worth checking out over winter break.


LANY: The three-piece LANY with members Paul Jason Klein (vocals), Jake Goss (drums) and Les Priest (guitar) from Los Angeles brings modern techno vibes in a self-titled album LANY. The album features hits, such as “ILYSB” and “Super Far,” both of which are quickly being added to playlists all over the world.

As a new fan of LANY for the past couple months, I have found myself slowly but surely searching the album multiple times a week. I also recently had the chance to see the band when they were on a headline show in Chicago for “The LANY tour” and was blown away. Putting on a great show allowed my love for the band to grow even more.

LANY’s indie vibes are necessary for anyone’s playlist, especially if the listener is looking for a new sound. The album contains a song for every occasion and for every feeling with melodies from upbeat to slow. Since LANY’s specialty ranges from music for mending a broken heart to a theme song for a night out on the town in Los Angeles, it is hard to find a time when a song from LANY isn’t fitting.


Bad Suns: Bad Suns, made up of members Christo Bowman (vocals), Miles Morris (drums), Ray Libby (guitar) and Gavin Bennett (bass) from Los Angeles, brings indie sound to traditional rock. With the group’s sophomore album Disappear Here and latest single released titled “This Was a Home Once,” Bad Suns also has songs for numerous occasions.

I discovered the band in the summer of 2014, and since then, I have played the group’s music non-stop. I have also attended multiple shows of Bad Suns, most recently on the “Outskirts of Paradise” tour in San Diego. The concert crowds have ranged from 300 to 1,000 people, but every show has kept me anticipating the next time I get to see the band again.

Bad Suns brings your Southern California beach days to fall nights with bass-heavy love songs. Including Bad Suns to a playlist will open the listener’s mind to a bunch of underground artists. And with a year of new music ahead for the band, fans will also be able to follow the group as its newest songs are released.


COIN: Nashville-based COIN, featuring members Chase Lawrence (vocals), Ryan Winnen (drums), Joe Memmel (guitar) and Zachary Dyke (bass), brings a new wave sound to alternative rock. With its top hit “Talk Too Much,” which was on Billboard’s 2016 summer playlist, it is odd to find extremely different sounds on the second album How Will You Know If You Never Try, such was “Heart Eyes” or “Lately ll.”

COIN is one of the newer bands I have started listening to, and I was able to see the group support Bad Suns on the “Heartbreaker” tour in 2016. COIN makes listeners feel as though they were at a headliner show. The group’s mature music and energetic performances are huge factors into my current obsession with the band.

With the addition of COIN in my life, my appreciation for alternative sounds has grown even stronger. Lead singer Chase Lawrence allows me to have that perfect soundtrack for my everyday life.


Hippo Campus: The Minnesota-based four piece band, featuring members Jake Luppen (vocals), Nathan Stocker (guitar), Zach Sutton (bass) and Whistler Allen (drums), brings a refreshing new sound to the indie rock scene. Hippo Campus’ debut album Landmark contains sounds from acoustic guitars, pianos and trumpets, all which morph together with Luppen’s vocals.

I saw Hippo Campus at the music festival Lollapalooza, and right after the band’s set ended, I was looking up the band’s next tour to see the group at its own headliner show. Three months later, I attended the group’s fall tour in Milwaukee and appreciated the members’ musical talent. The 90-minute set left me stunned after what I had just witnessed when it came to an end.

Hippo Campus brings a different addition to a person’s playlist if that person is looking for an album from all music genres, rock, pop, or even alternative. Hippo Campus has it all, and every playlist needs it.

Gianna Scibetta poses with Bad Suns lead singer Christo Bowman at their Chicago show on October 28, 2016.
Lead singer of Hippo Campus, Jake Luppen, at their show in Wisconsin on November 11, 2017.