Latest fashion trends for winter season

Kylie Carrier, Opinion Assistant Editor

Out with the old in with the new for the cold– the latest fashion trends emerge for the fall and winter of 2017.


Remember vests are best: Senior Margaret Franz pulls off a white vest with a pink flannel, showing that vests are fashionable but warm and comfortable as one goes about her day. Said Franz, “They make the outfit look and feel cozy and warm with the cold weather.”


Don’t forget your feet: In order to have fall and winter styles be apparent from head to toe, you need some sort of shoes to go with your outfit. The perfect solution– boots. They never disappoint by adding snug flare for your feet. There are a variety of boots from which to choose, just as sophomore Sydney Naddy represents with her “Sorel” boots. She said, “They are fashionable and keep my feet warm for the colder weather.”


Snuggle up with a sweater: “Sweaters are an appropriate part of a fall outfit because the weather is starting to cool down; therefore, you can dress warmly without having to wear a coat,” said sophomore Grace Carlson. Taking on the fall and winter seasons with a sweater will always be a safe fashion choice. Many, guys and gals alike, find them affordable and appropriate for the changing weather.

Color your nails: Even though clothes remain the key factor in fall and winter styles, don’t forget about appropriate seasonal accessories, such as nail polish. People will most likely choose darker shades of reds, grays or blues for the colder months or for the holidays. These colors are also prevalent in fall and winter outfits. Junior Audrey Rehm shows off her manicured nails as she holds her coffee mug and said, “I chose gray because I wanted a dark color that would go with my fall outfits.”