Students Diagnose Need for Medical Club


Kylie Carrier, Opinion Assistant

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the job of a surgeon or a nurse, or what it would be like to have to make life-saving sacrifices every day, or what is the grossest or scariest experience a doctor has had to encounter?

If so, MHS’s newest club, the Medical Club, might be for you.

“The Medical Club was made for students to have a little taste and insight as to what the med field is like, as well as to create a group of supportive students where questions can be asked and answered,” said Medical Club Leader Shane Stanley, senior.

Contributions from students like Stanley led to the formation of a club that gives students insight into what takes place in clinics, hospitals or other healthcare facilities around the world.

“The purpose of the club is to give students who are interested in a health career the opportunity to seek information and opportunities of medicine,” said Medical Club Adviser Janette Swanston, school nurse.

Club members will be given a chance to interact with medical professionals, too.

“We just plan to bring in speakers who work in the field as there’s no better information from those with actual experience,” said Stanley.

Additionally, two field trips to Marquette University and Rush Medical Center are in the planning stages.

“When we started the club, our goal was to help as many students [like ourselves] create a knowledge base and to provide as many opportunities as possible,” said Swanston.

The club provides information about all areas of the medical field from medicine to physical therapy, pharmacy, nursing, and more.

“The club allows members to encourage others to go on in the field of medicine or science. This club reaches out to all people with specific interests, and it allows them to build up their motivation to continue [their interests in the medical field],” said Medical Club Leader Carter Pacis, senior.

As the club is being piloted, goals for the next few years include establishing solid club leadership and getting interested students involved with the organization as much as possible.

“Those who have already had an interest within different areas of the health field are always providing great qualities for the club,” said Swanston.

For example, it was the current leaders who pushed for a medical club to be formed in the first place; the idea did not originate from the school’s staff.

“Being a student-created and student-led club, the amount of energy everyone has is crazy. I’ve never seen so many smiling faces after a full day of school. I can’t wait for this year to see how it will unfold,” said Stanley.

For those interested in joining the club, club meetings occur in C308 after school on every first and third Wednesday of the month.

“I would recommend the club to anyone interested in becoming a nurse or doctor as well as those interested in science,” said Pacis. “Of those of you that have the slightest interest in the field, you can still learn a lot.”