Steal attention with amazing graduation gap design at this year’s ceremony


Pictured above is Gianna Scibettas graduation cap, which she customized to her liking.

Gianna Scibetta, Editor-In-Chief


MHS is one of the few lucky schools where students get to decorate their graduation caps. Designs from their school logos, quotes about the future and funny jokes reflecting on their high school career are all popular design ideas.

“I want to make everyone smile and laugh when we are enjoying our day,” senior Alexandria Morelli said. “I am hoping to make a SpongeBob meme reference.”

If you are one of the many people who struggle with arts and crafts, always ask a crafty friend to help.

“I am terrible with crafts and anything that has to do with art,” senior Jessica Kafka said.  “I already know one of my friends is going to have to help me. Just because I can’t decorate it myself doesn’t mean I don’t want to be a part of this tradition.”

If a crafty friend cannot be found in time, try following these tips and tricks instead.

  1.  An Idea: You want to make sure your idea makes sense to either you or others. You want to make sure it is important enough that you can pull out that red cap in a few years and smile. Don’t over think what you want to put; just make sure you love what you’re designing and that it means something to you. Remember, it’s your day.
  2. Supplies: Hot glue gun, jewels, sticky lettering or items from a raid of Hobby Lobby the night before graduation will do. Don’t make it too much of an eye sore, but make sure your backgrounds and colors work. Using scrapbook paper and gluing it onto the cap can bring it all together, but make sure you cut out a hole for the tassel!
  3. Geometry: You’re still going to wear the thing, so make sure when you are writing words and logos, they are going the correct way. If you have the front facing forward and the words going the opposite ways, you REALLY don’t want to say you’re graduating high school.
  4. Appropriateness: Yes, you’re leaving the school, and it is your chance to do something crazy, but graduation is a family affair, and we are still just 18. Maybe wait until college to do something crazy. Remember, this is a day for your moms and dads to show off to your whole family that you survived high school.
  5. Social media: Make sure to take pictures, and post it on your social media pages. Past MHS seniors have been featured on BuzzFeed websites and YouTube videos for their designs. You can give others inspiration. “It was such a cool thing to be recognized for, especially since my cap touched on topics of calling out hate and racism that was taking over the news at the time” said 2017 graduate Emily Parduhn about being shared on outlets like BuzzFeed.