Havin’ fun under the sun

MacKenzie Stewart, News Editor


Throughout the summer, MHS students traveled to other countries, had good times with their family and laughed with their friends. Even as new movies like “Mission Impossible: Fallout” and “Incredibles 2” came out in theatres, students still took time to soak up the summer rays, and while some traveled out of state, others were able to have a blast with their friends at home.

From freshmen to seniors, students were able to make the most of the fleeting summer months. These four students provide a snapshot of the diversity of student activity in the summer of 2018 as they shared their favorite summer memory.

Logan Bradshaw, senior: “I think working at Hawthorn Woods Aquatic Center and going camping were my two favorite memories. I worked as a lifeguard, and that was a lot of fun because everyone I had worked with are great people; they’re really fun, [and] we play pranks on each other, so that’s a lot of fun, too. For camping, we went fishing. We went canoeing. We boated across the entire lake. That was a lot of fun. We made all home-cooked meals every single day we were there, so that was probably the best part.”
Taylor Testin, freshman: “[My favorite summer memory was] going to Iceland. The weather was really nice, the scenery was beautiful, the people were really nice, and the water was great.”

Nishi Shah, junior: “My favorite summer memory was my uncle’s wedding because it was a big fat Indian wedding, and it was so fun because I haven’t been to one since I was five years old. And my entire family came from all over the country, and it was a family reunion and his wedding, and it was just a lot of fun.”
Sydney Boudreau, sophomore: “My favorite summer memory was going to California [for a week] with my soccer team, and we won all of our games, so it was a pretty good experience…. “[My favorite memory within that trip was] probably going to the beach with our whole team.”