Mustangs march into 2018 homecoming week


At the football game on Aug. 28, the MHS Drum Line, which is part of the Marching Band, performed during the action taking place on the field.

Faith Fiorovante, Staff Reporter


Ringing in the fall season will be the 2018 homecoming football game on Oct. 5. Many are eager and ready to support their team along with one specific group– the marching band.

“We add to homecoming in gathering people to enjoy some music and basically just have a fun time as one,” said Senior Moises Huerta, who is a nine-year tenor sax player.  He also plays the clarinet, the bass clarinet, the alto sax and the Bari sax, making him apart of four different bands at the school.

“My favorite part of marching band is sharing the same love for music and just making new friends,” Huerta said.

The goal of marching band is to bring school pride to the home football games.

“It’s so fun to be a part of such a large group that brings so much school spirit,” said Senior Nicole Robb, a trumpet player and an honors band member.  “We encourage parents and students to get excited.  Think of hearing the drum line and all of our chants.  It increases the enthusiasm and makes homecoming something so special.”

The marching band contributes to the liveliness of homecoming, not only on the field but throughout the whole community.

“We start off the afternoon by playing at the school pep assembly and then right after go and play in the homecoming parade,” said Jule Cuasay, a senior clarinet player of eight years who has been a member of the Symphonic Band for his last three years. “We play the fight song, which everyone knows and loves, and continue on the night with more spirit at the main event, the football game. The day is just a blast.”

Homecoming week doesn’t mean just attending a regular game day on a Friday for the band.  Instead it also involves the band, individually and collectively, participating in several of the school activities throughout the week.

“We’ve had many band members win homecoming king and queen so that’s something we are proud of as a group,” Huerta said.  “Even on game days, in wins or losses, we’re still so hyped up no matter what and remain as one unit.”

For many in the MHS community, a football game is hard to imagine without the marching band, especially at the end of a dedicated spirit week that leads into a special game and dance.

“Our marching band helps bring more life and energy to the game,” Robb said.  “We never stop playing, encouraging the fans to keep on cheering.”

For the senior members of the band, this week brings even more energy and excitement.

“This is my last year doing this, and it’s all really going to be memorable doing it next to all of [the other band members],” Cuasay said.  “This year’s homecoming is going to be plain awesome. The Mustangs are ready to get some more Ws.”