Easy gift giving this holiday season

Hannah Stanley, Sports Editor

As holiday season creeps around the corner, many find themselves shopping last minute and just days before the holiday. Here are some popular gifts to give this season for family and friends:

Iphone Xr: The price of the new phone ranges between $750-900 and can be bought in a variety of colors: yellow, coral, red, white, black and blue. The newer product continues to have the new facial ID and a brand new camera in which it slides up through the top of the phone, giving the best camera quality Apple has had yet in its phones.

Sherpas: Sherpas, a fuzzy pull-over or jacket, can be found in a wide range of stores from Walmart all the way to TJ Maxx. They often range in price from $20-$25. The fluffy material keeps many warm and gives off the cozy feeling many love to feel during the colder seasons.

Patagonias: You can never go wrong with a Patagonia brand sweatshirt, zip-up and more. The brand reaches to both men and women with differing logos, styles and colors for all to wear. Hats are also a very popular product from the company. No matter the age, the Patagonia brand fits with all of its fun patterns and colors, appealing to all. The normal cost of a zip-up is $159.00 and for one of the company’s more popular quarter-zip fleeces is $129.00.