Go behind the scenes of Broadcasting Team’s ‘Friday Focus’ production

Madison Neuwald, Staff Reporter

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During the last full week of the first semester, the Advanced Media students prepared their final “Friday Focus” of 2018. Although students see the “Friday Focus” weekly, many students don’t understand how the show is put together or how much fun the students have while producing it.

“I enjoy helping produce the “Friday Focus” because it’s cool to see how everything comes together,” Mia Arnoux, junior, said. “It’s also been fun to see the stories you create be shown for everyone to watch; it’s really fulfilling.”


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  • Welcome Back to This Week's "Friday Focus": In the midst of recording, Senior Abby Ambrose and Sophomore Evan Meister relay this week’s news into the camera. Although it takes talent, the anchors don’t actually have to memorize anything, as the script is played to them on the teleprompter, which is connected to the camera. Ambrose said, “Public speaking isn't something that is easy for me, but being an anchor on the “Friday Focus” helps me to be more comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people.”

  • Quiet on Set: Paying special attention to the camera angles, Aydan Boudreaux, sophomore, gives the go-ahead to begin recording and ques the anchors to begin reading their script from the control room. To get the perfect take, this sequence can sometimes be repeated multiple times.

  • The 'Focus’ in “Friday Focus”: Junior Alan Rodriguez focuses on a future story for an upcoming “Friday Focus” as his classmates record and prepare this week's production. Stories are often pitched and prepared weeks before they air, giving students ample time to make them their best product.

  • Medium Shot: Advanced Media Teacher Kent Meister directs Junior Josh Fordham and Sophomore Elle Mishler on what shots to capture. To produce the newscast, the students use two professional cameras, which are similar to cameras used in actual television productions. Kimi Vargas, senior and three-year veteran of the class, said, “The camera work can be some of the trickiest on the set but is usually forgotten. It’s important to make sure to get the perfect shot for the production to come together.”

  • Finishing Touch: Just as the recording for this week's “Friday Focus” comes to an end, Senior Kimi Vargas puts finishing touches on her story that will be showcased in the production. Although some stories get weeks to finish, others, especially news-related stories, have quick turnaround times, making students utilize any free time to complete their stories.

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