Junior medals in horse dressage competitions

Jaden Gil, Staff Reporter


After winning first place in a dressage competition, Angelina Grossi, junior, takes a picture with her horse and ribbons.

The horse galloped around the track as Angelina Grossi rode on top with a strong posture. Elegant music filled the air, and the horse moved with the flow of the music. A speaker came on saying that a new track was open, and with a tug on the reins, the horse stopped.

Angelina Grossi, junior, is a bronze and silver medalist in dressage competitions. Dressage is a skillful equestrian sport, which is about the “art” of horse riding; it is almost like a ballet that is done by the rider communicating with the horse.

“My favorite part about it is that it is really challenging; it’s not all the same thing each time I have practice,” Grossi said. “I’m always learning something different and getting closer to my goals.”

She has been competing in dressage championships for 11 years. Angelina Grossi competes in many different shows and championships. They’re located in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio and sometimes Kentucky.

Even though Angelina Grossi loves being around horses, there are still challenges to having to be around big and powerful animals.

“The most challenging part of being around horses is not knowing what to expect because horses have a mind of their own, and you never know what kind of mood their going to be in. They can be really dangerous,” Angelina Grossi said.

Riding horses has been something that Angelina Grossi has loved. Since she was little, she has had horses around her.

“Ang has always loved being around horses,” Jerry Grossi, grandfather of Angelina, said. “She’s very passionate about improving her riding.”

Ever since Grossi has been riding horses, she has worked on getting better at her skill.

“Ang has always been very determined and stubborn,” Rose Grossi, mother of Angelina Grossi, said. “If she wants something, she will get it.”