Farewell MHS


Maggie O'Donnell will be attending DePaul University and will be majoring in Business Administration.

Maggie O'Donnell, Features Editor

I came into high school not knowing what to expect. I imagined four years filled with football games, hours of studying and moments of hanging out with friends. To an extent, that’s what my experience was. It was also about growing as a person and realizing how vital it is to make friends with people who will be there for you in 30 years, to stay close with your family and to not be a bratty teenager.

I could go on and on about all the amazing experiences I had in my four years at MHS, but instead, I’m going to take the time to thank those who had a lasting effect on my life.

To Mrs. Willis and Coach Hennelly, thank you for being the best volleyball coaches! You guys taught me how to be a great leader for the girls as well as how to play my best and be my best. You guys were always there to help me on and off the court. Also, Mrs. Willis, thanks for being an awesome English teacher my junior year because you helped me stress a little less that year.

Mrs. Block, the older version of myself I like to think, thank you for being the best teacher even though you were never my teacher. I could always count on you as a person I could talk to whenever I needed it, and you were always there to help me during volleyball season. I will miss you dearly, but I’m so proud that you’re going to get married this year!

To my friends (you know who you are), you guys have been the absolute best friends I could have ever asked for. Some of you have been friends with me for a long time and others I met my freshman year, but you all are like family to me. Thank you for being there for me and my family with everything with my dad. I don’t think I would be okay without you guys. I love you all, and thank you for sticking with me these past four years.

To my fellow editor staff, you guys are awesome, and people don’t understand how hard you work to create the paper. Students need to start appreciating us more. Hannah and Kylie, you are great girls and will be great leaders for the new editors next year. Thank you, Mrs. D., for pushing me to do my best in class and for always having my back.

Most importantly, thank you to Logan and my family for constantly supporting me and having full confidence in me. You guys are my rock and have helped me to grow throughout high school. Thank you for always believing in me with school and sports and just being the best boyfriend/family I could ever ask for.

High school has not been all rainbows and smiles. For some kids it may be, but for many, it won’t, and that’s okay. I want underclassmen reading this to realize they don’t have to be perfect because constantly stressing yourself out will make you miss out on the great memories you could be making instead.

Another thing to note is that high school can go by fast, kids, so cherish the memories and the people you meet because they may have a lasting effect on you.

Furthermore, cherish your family through this time because they will be your number one support system in high school, and you don’t realize how much you love and miss them until you realize you have to go away to college and won’t be able to see them as much.

Losing my father recently made me take a step back and look at the life I have lived so far, and I realized that the best times were spent with my family, making memories that will outlast any party I ever went to, so MHS students/faculty take that to heart, and look at your relationship with your family. Make a change if it’s needed because you don’t realize how little time you have with them until you lose the ones you love.

Dad, I am proud to be your daughter, and I miss you every day, but I know you’re looking down on me and sending me love in any way you can. I wish you could be here to see me graduate, but I know you’ll be there in spirit and in my heart. I love you.