MHS welcomes new head football coach in hopes of successful season

Kylie Carrier , Editor-in-Chief

With the start of the new school year, many in the Mundelein community were abuzz about a new head football coach. Coach Vince DeFrancesco was welcomed to MHS not only as a new gym teacher but also as the new varsity head football coach.

“I’m excited to work with our student-athletes,” DeFrancesco said. “I look forward to building strong, positive relationships that will last a lifetime.”

The players also expressed excitement about working with DeFrancesco.

“I definitely think this season is going to have its own advantages because we have Coach D,” Senior Isaac Wellman said. “He has already taught us many things that we are proud to show on and off the field.”

Junior Alex Wing expressed similar opinions.

“Coach D brings a lot to our program, and he’s a great guy,” Wing said. “His positive attitude really wears off on us, which is contagious for a program to be successful.”

After spending the summer working with the players and the coaching staff, Coach DeFrancesco said he saw lots of potential that will hopefully carry the team to success throughout the fall season. Specifically, he noted the strong areas of the team consisted of defense and always working together.

He wanted to build on these strengths by addressing the “program’s culture,” he said.

“I wanted to stress the importance of developing positive relationships within our program,” DeFrancesco said. “Also, expectations need to be clear, and the pathway to success needed to be laid out.”

For the near future, DeFrancesco added he sees these seasons as building years for the program. With that being said, though, he noted he is expecting this season to still be competitive.

One way to build a program is through its leaders, so this has become a focus for both the coach and the players.

“I am excited to play with both my previous teammates and those that are stepping up to the team,” Wellman said. “I feel our leadership is very strong this year, especially in our offensive line because, without a leader, your team is lost.”

Last winter, the players voted on a leadership committee, whose members have been developing positive leadership skills, stated DeFrancesco.

“I’m excited to see who steps up to lead us this fall and into the future…. I feel we have seen flashes of great leadership at times this summer,” DeFrancesco said.

One way players are stepping up as leaders is by setting personal and team goals.

“Some goals that I have this season is to make a field goal every game, but for the team, I have the goal of making it to playoffs,” Wing said. “I believe Coach D can help myself and the team reach these goals.”

DeFrancesco said he is more than excited to show the new and improved MHS football program to the Mundelein community because he knows the fans have been waiting for many years for a memorable football season.

“In addition to getting to build life-long relationships, I’m excited to be a part of such a special school and local community,” DeFrancesco said. “The support by community and staff has been unbelievable so far. It is clear how much pride Mundelein has in their Mustangs.”