Girls golf extends its program to include JV team

Kylie Carrier , Editor-in-Chief

Over the past few years, the girls golf team has been building its program by trying to recruit more players. For the 2019 season, girls golf has officially added a JV team.

“I’m most excited to watch our newest players grow. Six out of our [eight] JV players are brand new to the sport, so there is so much room for growth,” JV Coach June Kim said.

For most of MHS history, the girls golf program has consisted only of a varsity team because of the small number of girls who come out for the team, but with more of a turnout at tryouts this year, there were enough girls to form a varsity and a JV team.

“I think this new edition to the program does give a huge advantage because we can now compete with two teams to account for,” said varsity player McKenzie Begg, sophomore.

Returning members said they plan to inspire their teammates toward a dedicated and successful season.

“As a team, we lead each other,” said varsity player Kellie Shanahan, junior.  “We all bring positive energy that helps us get better every day.”

Part of that new energy is the coach, who has been playing golf ever since she was 13 years old. She played the sport at Palatine High School and then in college, but this is her first year coaching.

“’I’m definitely not some sort of pro, but I also want the girls to see that a younger female enjoys golf and is passionate about it,” Kim said. “Winning matches are important, but what’s more important to me this season is to have the girls see how much they have improved from day one.”

Kim said she has many hopes for the team as they progress throughout the season, which not only includes having fun but learning how golf can be an activity one can enjoy as she grows older.  She added she hopes to coach the players into ladies who want to use golf as a beneficial skill all throughout life.

The main aspects that Kim said she wanted to teach the golfers this season were patience, determination and resilience, which can help obtain even the smallest achievements during the season. With these three lessons, she said the girls will accomplish much success within their golfing careers.

“You need a strong mentality to be successful in the game of golf. If girls come to practice or matches with a negative attitude, it will show right away in every single swing they take,” Kim said.

The returning players are working with Kim to build these positive attitudes.

“I currently see some golfers on my team taking the time to help out others and giving them tips and advice to improve their individual skills,” Begg said.

Begg also had some advice for the newest golf members.

“I hope they learn to enjoy the time they have together because it is a really short season, but you make new close friendships with your teammates,” she said.

According to the team rosters, right now the varsity and JV teams are evenly split with eight girls on each team.

“I am very glad we have had a growth in people to make a JV team because it gives us a positive future in girls golf,” Shanahan said. “And, I’m excited to see their game grow throughout the years.”