Christmas music: Is it a case of a lack of creativity or too classic to be forgotten?

Hannah Stanley, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

A holiday most known for joyous music and festive spirit leaves many eager early in the season to start celebrating Christmas. However, as eager as many are to start the season with Christmas music, there seems to be a sense of repetition within the lyrics and with the production of the music.

Classics, such as ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ or ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,’ are most known through the countless amount of times they’ve been sung, let alone played. It’s gotten to such a point that there’s more than just one or two covers for a song, causing wonderment when the next new Christmas song comes out. But when that new song does come out, it’s often just a new cover instead.

“I haven’t heard an original Christmas song since Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’,” junior Jake Worcester said.

While some artists have full albums released for the holiday, they often have at least one if not more songs as covers of the originals– some even being modernized with rap or more upbeat rhythms. However, some don’t find the covers as satisfying as the originals.

“I feel like [new versions are] not the spirit of the holiday,” junior Christopher Rooney said.

Rooney also commented that the originals are what he prefers to listen to, and always has, rather than the newer music.

Similar to Rooney, Steven Demchuk, sophomore, demonstrated favoritism toward the traditional Christmas music due to it being played all throughout his childhood.

“The originals are what keep the holidays having the same joy every single year,” he said. “For example, walking through a store and you hear the song everyone knows just brings a sense of happiness to the holidays.”

Even if listening to the originals, though, there is often a point in the holiday season where many become tired of hearing the holiday music, as it becomes the same songs over and over again.

It’s not so much that the songs are too classic to be forgotten, but rather more a lack of creativity from artists making– and radio companies resisting to play– newer non-covered songs.

“It can get repetitive when artists keep making the same covers, and they’re kind of all the same,” senior Jessica Nayden said. “They already know a lot of people like the [traditional] songs, and it’s kind of hard to make new Christmas songs that aren’t repetitive and too similar to ones already made.”

With such minimal effort to create original songs, it makes the music industry during the holidays rather boring after a given point of time, especially when it comes to listening to the radio during this time of year.

“On the radio, they usually play the original songs so that’s what people listen to most of the time and don’t really care about other songs,” Nayden said.

With such an occurrence, it makes it difficult to hear any kind of variety within the music, and the likelihood of new songs becoming known for future years to come becomes slim.

The matter will always be divided between the two–those who prefer the originals versus those who wish a larger variety of songs would be put out during the Christmas season.

Demchuk said, “I don’t really mind that we don’t stray away from the traditional music because the originals bring a feeling to the holidays that other songs can’t.”