‘Frozen 2’ appears better than original

Kylie Carrier, Editor-in-Chief

Although “Frozen 2” did not receive an Oscar’s nomination for Best Animated Feature, the movie stunned its audience with its Nov. 22 theater release, making more than $1.374 billion in box office sales. With the movie’s popularity, it officially became the highest-grossing animated film in movie history.

“‘Frozen 2’ was better than the first movie and deserves its popularity because it gave an even better plot while they still taught a lesson in the end,” Meghan Podraza, junior, said.

The original “Frozen” film portrays life lessons about the importance of family, dreaming big and how love can change the world.

In the first movie, when the kingdom of Arendelle is cursed with a harsh winter, Princess Anna (Kristen Bell) joins forces with mountaineer Kristoff (Jonathon Groff) and his sidekick reindeer Sven (Frank Welker) to find her sister, Queen Elsa. Even though their journey leads to unexpected magic, harsh conditions and a new snowman named Olaf (Josh Gad), they all came together to save Arendelle and the relationship of the two sisters.

“The first movie had a lot of music and comedy that became very popular,” Caitlyn Ekstrom, freshman, said. “While the comedy makes people want to keep watching, I feel the songs are what makes the movies so magical.”

While “Frozen” was a favorite for many children and even adults, “Frozen 2” left audiences laughing and even singing in the theaters.

In the second movie, although all the characters are happily settled in Arendelle, Elsa can’t help but be distracted by a mysterious voice calling out to her. With the help of Anna and insights into Elsa’s family past, Elsa travels beyond her kingdom to enchanted forests and dark seas in search of what the mysterious voice could be. The film leads to a journey of mystical events and self-discovery.

“‘Frozen 2’ was better than the first because even though the first one was funny, the second one had more comedy and had a better plot throughout the whole movie,” Cameron Gilbert, sophomore, said.

The directors of the Frozen films included love, laughter and life lessons within both creations, but while “Frozen” had many lessons about togetherness, “Frozen 2” addressed individualism even in the company of others.

Even though some may say the original will always be the better film, Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck showed many fans how “Frozen 2,” rated PG, was the bigger and better film created by including plot twists, more comedy and a more complex message about love.

“I had a lot of favorite parts from the movie,” Gilbert said. “It is hard to choose just one because all the comedy and plot twists is what made the movie reach its top potential.”

Because both Frozens have been successful, some fans are anticipating a third installment in the movie franchise.

“I believe they should make a “Frozen 3” because I think it would be cool to watch Anna get powers,” Ekstrom said. “I think it would get people’s attention and make more people want to see it.”

But even if there isn’t a “Frozen 3,” “Frozen 2” satisfied its fan-base.

“I think it stood out because it had more comedy than the other Disney movies,” Podraza said. “I would definitely consider it as a new favorite Disney movie.”