Warm Welcome for Class of 2024


Photo courtesy of Tress Dorfler

The MHS Broadcast Team consisting of Ayden Boudreaux, junior; Gabriel Goldman, senior; and Bri Sierzega, senior welcome all students to join and experience the behind the scenes action of the ‘Friday Focus’ on 2024 night.

Tress Dorfler, Assistant News & Opinion Editor

The Class of 2024 was welcomed at MHS on Jan. 16 to make the transition from middle school to high school easier for both parents and students. In the main gym, an activity/athletic fair was set up and current students encouraged the eighth graders to join. 

This night was an opportunity for students representing their club or sport to encourage future members. For Senior Bri Sierzega it was a chance to show younger kids what they can be a part of. “I chose to come last minute because I wish I joined the broadcasting and film club sooner in high school,” said Sierzega. 

MHS students demonstrated their school spirit by sharing their experiences to the incoming freshman. With booths lining the Main Gym walls, the Commons, and even circling the inside floor of the Main Gym, 2024 highlights every club offered here at MHS, trying to grab the attention of each and every freshman.

A recurring theme of the opportunities presented to students at MHS is that they’re open to anyone who expresses interest.

“Anyone should join. It doesn’t matter if you’re not interested in film or broadcasting, because once you meet the people in it, and of course Mr. Meister, it’s completely worth it,” said Jacqueline Spencer, junior. 

Being in clubs introduces students who may have never seen each other before, and can create long lasting friendships, friendships that could have never happened without the involvement of extracurricular activities. 

“[Clubs] build new friendships that will last forever and thus make you proud of the club you’re in,” Spencer said. 

Not only do clubs create a welcoming atmosphere and involvement within the high school, some even assist with school held events, for example, Link Crew and National Honor Society [NHS] both assisted in the making of 2024 night.

“I enjoyed representing Link Crew because I get to help Mundelein bring in incoming students and make them feel welcome in a new environment. I also like that I am able to make incoming students feel safe and have someone to talk to,” said Link Crew leader, Jennifer Lopez, junior. 

By having a helping hand going into freshman year, freshman are eager to begin sports and clubs, similar to the NHS and Link Crew leaders where many additionally participate in sports.

“I feel happy, and I’m excited to start high school baseball,” said incoming MHS Freshman Cody Yakimisky. 

Freshman are faced with some of the most daunting tasks in a new environment for them, and this night brings numerous opportunities to give them the best head start possible.

 “I met some of my best friends [in broadcasting] and made amazing memories, and I feel like incoming freshman would get a similar experience from joining,” Sierzega said. 

Many students can recall their Curriculum night and the excitement of a new year. The hopes of 2024 night are nothing more than to get students involved early on, to take their first steps within the high school, and to demonstrate all that MHS can give to them, the biggest being a family.

Spencer said, “Each sport does their own team bonding activities, that in my opinion, really strengthen the friendships and the commitment to each sport, and because of this those athletes become more social around school and are more willing to connect with others.”