Winter fest or winter formal? How about both!

William Fisher, Online Editor-In-Chief

    The debate over MHS’s winter dance is whether it should be a more casual “winter fest,” or a  “winter formal” more like Prom.

    The last winter celebration was held in 2019. The dance was canceled last year “due to low student interest” according to an email from Student Leadership on Feb. 1, 2022 detailing the cancellation. 

    While student leadership hasn’t decided on a date for the winter dance as of the beginning of December, members have decided to have the winter dance be a median between a fest and formal. This is a solution that I agree with to be the best as it allows for another fun dance like homecoming and for prom to stay special. 

    Homecoming is a solid mix between formal and informal, including dates, pictures, dinners, and dressing up, but it also is a very chill experience that includes light food, dancing in the mosh pit and hanging out in the commons. Everyone in the school is welcome to attend Homecoming, but it only occurs once at the beginning of the year. The only other dance during the school year is Prom, which is a dance freshmen and sophomores can only attend if they have an upperclassman date. Prom is a more formal experience, takes place at a venue outside of MHS, is typically only attended during junior and senior year, and often represents a special celebration at the end of four years of high school.

    Having a winter dance similar to homecoming lets everyone in the school experience another enjoyable dance, with both formal and informal parts, that does not take away the special memories of a formal prom.