Kickin’ it old school: Grease Lightning


Drawn by: Natale Fiocchi

Although many did not dress to this years theme, here’s what Grease Lightning looked like.

Ashley Wolfe, Editor-in-Chief


  “Grease” is more than just the title of a popular teen movie set in the fifties; it was also the theme for this year’s Homecoming. Some students were disappointed that few, if any, dressed the 1950’s part. Here’s what one should have seen at the dance in terms of 1950s fashion.


Attire: (Girls) Knee length skirts in the many colors of the rainbow; dresses with collared tops and/or belts at the waist; T-strap dress shoes; Mary Janes; black/white ballet flats. (Guys) Leather Jackets; black dress pants; white shirts; black dress shoes; black converse sneakers


Hair: (Girls) Pompadour; Pin Curls; Shirley Temple Curls; High ponytail; (Boys) Ducktail; Pompadour; Hair slicked back


Accessories: (Girls) Bandana; eye make-up; neck scarf; (Boys) Sunglasses; Comb tucked in pocket