East Coast Vacation Includes College Visits

Kelli Cigelnik, Staff Reporter

One and a half weeks was enough time for Kalli Majewski, junior, to road trip all along the northern East Coast exploring colleges and sightseeing in states such as New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

“I went on a really long trip to the Eastern states for college visits, and on the way to the schools, I got to visit certain attractions, such as Niagara Falls, the Statue of Liberty, the Hershey Chocolate Factory, and more,” said Majewski.

Majewski said she picked the East Coast because she “loved how the people walked around and how they carried themselves.”

Majewski went on the trip with her close family friend Hannah [Brennan], Hannah’s mom, and Majewski’s mom, Shelley Majewski.

“Most of the schools that were on the East Coast have very good PA [Physician Assistant] programs, which is what she is interested in studying,” said Shelley Majewski, “but also because some of the main attractions I knew she would enjoy are on the East Coast.”

Kalli Majewski wanted to go to the East Coast because she “was able to speak with coaches about playing a sport in college and find certain interests [she] had for certain colleges like the pros and cons of colleges.”

Majewski’s first stop was New York, which she said was her favorite place she visited.

According to Majewski, New York was kind of like Chicago except it was on steroids, meaning that everything was a lot bigger and everything was a lot faster.

“Forever 21was four levels, and I really enjoyed seeing Tiffany and Company, but the things in there were way too expensive,” said Majewski.

Her next stop was Massachusettes.

Both Majewski and her mother liked that Boston was less congested than New York, and her travel group stayed there the longest.

While in Boston, they visited Harvard, Boston University and the Boston Harbor.

Around the Boston Harbor area, people can hike and camp in the local forests with downtown Boston just nearby.

Overall, Majewski’s favorite shop to visit was the Hershey Factory in Pennsylvania. This was also her last stop.

“I really enjoyed making my own chocolate bar and buying a bunch of chocolate and taste-testing it. It was the most fun I had on the trip overall,” said Majewski.

While she was in Pennsylvania, she also visited Villanova University.

“I did talk to the coaches there about playing tennis for them,” said Majewski while holding her big tennis bag on one shoulder and her school backpack on her other.

According to Majewski, the coaches talked about what is expected of their players athletically and academically.

“I am definitely going to try and apply for some of these colleges, and hopefully I will be accepted,” she said.

Majewski saw many colleges she liked, but even if she doesn’t end up applying to any of them, she still got the experience to see them.  Additionally, the trip has given her travel hotspots for future vacations.

Majewski said, “It will definitely impact [me] by wanting to go back to the East Coast when I go on vacation–more than any other place.”