Powderpuff Dominates Homecoming Events


Senior Kelly Grove pushes through the junior defensive line.

Briana Ventrella, Staff Reporter

Every year during Homecoming week, the female students of MHS are given the opportunity to play a flag football game, also known as Powder Puff, against another grade at the school. Those who chose to participate this year explain why they opt to compete.
“[Powder Puff] is a fun way to participate in Homecoming week,” said Sophomore Nina Bowser.

Bowser said that being in Powder Puff has not only taught her how to pass, kick, block and run the ball, but it has given her a better understanding of how the sport works in general.

And with a team record of 2-0, she said the girls will be even more determined to win next year and keep the streak going.

“You get to go on the turf in front of your fans, and it’s like basically being a football player,” said Junior Jordyn West.
West said that the entire junior team has been really close ever since their first year playing Powder Puff. They had all been working hard together since no other Junior team has beaten the Senior team since the game in 2011.
Although the Junior team this year did not beat the Seniors, West said the experience is fun and unforgettable regardless.
Participating in Powder Puff also allows the players to interact with a wide-variety of people.
“[To prepare for the game], we scrimmaged the junior girls and the freshman boys football team,” said Freshman Sophia Riportella.
They practiced their plays, offense, defense and skills.

Riportella described that a key component to winning this game is teamwork, determination and aggressiveness.
“[I think we lost] because we weren’t aggressive enough and into the game,” said Riportella.
In years to come, Riportella plans on participating in Powder Puff again to work for a win.
“I recommend girls play Powder Puff because it’s a great activity to get involved in. You can meet new girls, it’s competitive, and it’s a lot of fun,” said Senior quarterback Karlee Busscher in an email.
Busscher said that the Senior team won this year because of their defense. Over the course of the entire game, the Seniors only allowed the Junior team to score one touchdown.  They were able to obstruct the Juniors’ offense and worked really hard to win the game.
The two games ended with the Sophomores winning 38-0 against the Freshmen and the Seniors winning 24-8 against the Juniors.