Walking in a Winter Must-Haves Wonderland


Kate Chuma

Kate Chuma, senior, captures a photo of her dog, Bailey, enjoying the Christmas spirit.

Sophie Fiore, Staff Reporter

During the winter, there are many items necessary to manage the cold season. These few items will help you survive the freezing Illinois weather.

As the days get colder, it’s important that one bundles up. A beanie is the perfect addition to a winter outfit. It keeps people warm while adding a stylish factor. Both boys and girls can rock this look.

Another fashion must-have for the winter season is an over-sized sweater. It doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it’s comfy and three sizes too big– yes, this is one of the few items of clothing to purposely buy in the wrong size.

Why? Because when it’s big, it can serve many purposes. It can be a sweater, or it can be a blanket. Wrap up in it and remain cozy for the day.

One of the biggest essentials, though, has to be fuzzy socks. These are a major plus because they’re not only comfy, but they’re cheap and sold in a variety of materials with varying designs.

Once these fashion essentials are secured, people need a reason to wear them. The best reason is for a holiday movie showing, so another item on the must-have list are holiday movies.  Binge-watching movies is always fun, but add the holiday season to it, and it’s even better. Most holiday films can be bought or rented, but some theaters show the classics during this season as well.

While watching movies, it’s also important to have something to munch on. This brings us to the next item on the list– candy canes. They bring the holiday season to the taste buds.

And so does hot chocolate. Like candy canes, hot chocolate is yummy, and it’s hot, as its title states.  It’s exactly what is needed after a cold day outside. It’s nice to come inside to a cup of deliciousness.

It’s even better to sip hot chocolate in front of a fireplace. These are a must for keeping warm. They also give off a homey feel.

must have twoA candle might offer the same feeling if a fireplace can’t be had. Candles also smell great with a variety of scents to choose from. At this time of year, many stores have the added bonus of selling holiday-themed scented candles. Consider burning a candy cane-scented one for a sweet treat.

While all these items will make the season better, they are just items.  It’s memories of winter experiences that will last, so make sure to do such activities as sledding and playing in the snow.  Make sure to build a snowman to bring out the creative side. Look around the house for items to use as the eyes, nose and mouth. There are no rules for this activity, so one can have limitless options.

There are many activities to pursue as the snow starts falling, so add these must-haves to your list to create the perfect winter season.

Photos by Kate Chuma