Fleece Navidad: Winter Sweaters for Every Personality

Briana Ventrella & Sophie Fiore, Staff Reporters

Danielle Cushing













Danielle Cushing, sophomore, loves showing her joy for Thanksgiving through this sweater. She wears it every year on this festive holiday [Thanksgiving] to show her unconditional love for the changing seasons and family gatherings. Cushing said, “My favorite part is how it’s really big and comfortable. It gets me excited for the winter months to come.”















Senior Jennimai Nguyen enjoys wearing sweaters because they are “overly large”, and they’re cozy. “I got it when I went shopping with my friend and wanted to wear it because I hadn’t yet,” said Nguyen. Matching this with leggings and combat boots adds to her look.


Erica Peterson













Erica Peterson, senior, loves pairing her cardigan with her sweater tank top for extra warmth. “It was really chilly that day, so I thought wearing sweaters was the answer,” said Peterson. “They are super comfy and make me feel really warm and nice.”


Kate Chuma













Kate Chuma, senior, loves to add all different types of sweaters to her outfits. “There are so many different options when it comes to sweaters. Plus, they are cozy and warm,” said Chuma. Sweaters are great for spicing up an outfit, particularly with color.


Ben Arabelo













Sophomore Ben Arabelo loves to make fashion statements, particularly with this cardigan. Arabelo said, “They keep me warm, and they’re really stylish. I feel ahead of the game whenever I’m in a sweater.”


Andrew Owens













Andrew Owens, sophomore, thinks that when it comes to chilly weather, a sweater is a great addition. “I like to wear sweaters because they are comfortable, warm and also look good,” said Owens. He likes to wear them with jeans or khakis, “depending on the style and color.”


Jeff Morton













Jeff Morton, sophomore, is a big fan of sweater weather. He enjoys staying within the trend while maintaining a cozy feel. “They are comfy, remind me of the holidays and they look nice on me,” said Morton.


Maaz Imam













Sophomore Maaz Imam matches his sweater with khakis and a nice pair of shoes. With just one article of clothing, he achieves a more elegant look. Imam said, “They’re warm, and they look good. They also have a comfortable feel.”