Holiday Holi-daze


Emily Ollendick

MHS’s front office features a Christmas tree this time of year. There is also a menorah located in the attendance office.

Emily Ollendick, Staff Reporter

The holidays are just around the corner! Thanksgiving just passed, and now Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years are just around the corner, but everyone has their favorites about the holiday season.


Q: What is your favorite holiday?

Junior Ryan Hill: My favorite holiday is Christmas because I like spending time with my family and giving to people.

Senior Luke Loding: Christmas is my favorite holiday because I like snow, everyone is happy, [and there is] ice skating downtown.

Senior Kenzie Toland: I love Christmas because I love spending time with my family.


Q: When do you start feeling the holiday spirit?

Hill: When the leaves start falling off the trees.

Loding: When the snow starts coming down.

Toland: The day before Thanksgiving because that’s the day my family puts up the Christmas tree.


Q: What is your favorite holiday food?

Hill: My favorite holiday food is stuffing because on Thanksgiving, that’s what I eat the most.

Loding: I’ll go with the simple turkey.

Toland: Chocolate-covered pretzels “because my sister and I make them together”


Q: What presents do you want?

Hill: I don’t really need any presents; I like to give presents to my friends and family.

Loding: I’m not sure yet! Definitely clothes.

Toland: I want anything Lulu Lemon.


Q: With whom do you spend the holidays?

Hill: My family, of course.

Loding: I spend the holidays with both sides of my family, mom’s side and dad’s side.

Toland: My family and my cousins and grandparents.


Q: Do you go anywhere over winter break?

Hill: No, I stay right in Illinois.

Loding: (He said he also stays home over break).

Toland: I go to Florida, and my family rents a house, and we just enjoy our time together.