Raise your Voices

Senior Nicole Casler works on her own pieces for the Voices publication.

Melissa Burgett

Senior Nicole Casler works on her own pieces for the Voices publication.

Melissa Burgett, Print Editor-in-Chief

The appeal of the arts is not simply the superficial beauty of it. All artistic mediums have an outer allure, yet the inner story of the inspiration is often the true grace of a piece, a story MHS’s literary magazine “Voices” strives to express.

Students at MHS have been recognized locally and statewide for their artistic excellence, specifically in the mediums of photography and painting. Their success has its roots in MHS clubs who have been known to raise successful students through their programs. “Voices” is no exception.

Submissions for “Voices” are anonymously assessed and the works receiving the highest recommendations will then be published in the magazine toward the end of the year. Students submit poems, short stories, lyrics, academic papers, art and photography.

The “Voices” adviser is Laura Garcia, whose goal is to promote the artistic individuality of MHS students.

“There are two ways to join “Voices” at MHS.  One is on the staff of the magazine itself.  This is a great way for young artists to get ideas and be inspired by their classmates’ writing and artwork here in the school. You also get great experience with a small group of other like-minded students and their opinions about writing and art,” said Garcia. “If you don’t want to commit to being on staff, all students can submit their work, writing or artwork to the magazine.”

“Voices” staff member and Senior Nicole Casler is grateful for the opportunity “Voices” gives her. For Casler, the appeal of “Voices” to students is the freedom and artistic license it provides.

“It is a way of expression that I can put somewhere, and it might mean one thing to me but have a completely different meaning to another,” said Casler. “Last year, I put in a poem called ‘A Picture Worth A Thousand Words’; it’s the only poem I have ever done, but it seemed to really have meaning since it talks about my art in an expressive way.”

Students who want to see their own work published can easily submit to the magazine.

“We accept all forms of art that can be photographed and submitted,” said Garcia. “This means not just paintings and drawings and photography but 3D art like ceramics, jewelry and other sculpture.”

Senior Jacob Horvat prefers to express his own thoughts through his writing, another highly sought after medium for “Voices”.

“What I am most proud of in my own is the connectivity it creates. Art for me brings people together, and that is really one of the main driving forces for me to create,” said Horvat. “I always try to incorporate elements in my writing that try to connect to people because, for me, art is meant to be shared.”