Student Leadership Q & A


Patrick Gaughn

Senior and Freshman class help pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Adriana Feijoo, Business Editor

Are you looking to have a voice in what goes on in your school and community?   Here at MHS, students are able to help plan dances, serve their community and express their opinions and the opinions of others through the organization Student Leadership.  Student Leadership is made up of three types of activities: planning school events, participating in community service projects and improving aspects of MHS by electing a governing executive board that uses student opinions to make a difference in the school. Student Leadership is broken down into five branches, each having a head sponsor and an executive board. The sponsors and executive board members work with the members to help run the organization as a whole.

 In order to learn more about the people who run Student Leadership, The Mustang asked them the following questions:

Adriana Feijoo*

Centerspread Editor

Q: Why do you think Student Leadership is an important part of MHS?

Randy Lerner, Co-Lead Sponsor: Student Leadership gives students an opportunity to take on a leadership role in the school by giving back and having their voice be heard in a way that impacts all students.


Cynthia Henrichs, Co-Lead Sponsor: Student Leadership is the best way for our students to be able to participate in their school. Since it is a program that is open to any student that wants to get involved, they are able to see the executive board and what they can do. It is also the best place for students to have a voice.


Adriana Feijoo, School Wide President: Student Leadership is a great way for students to have their opinions heard and make a difference in the high school and community while getting to work alongside such wonderful people.


Patrick Gaughan, Freshman Class Sponsor: So, me especially as a social studies teacher, I think it is important for students to learn how to be citizens and feel like they have a voice in the school. Ultimately, we want a place where students feel like their voice matters, and it is reflective of their needs and wants.


Julie Block, Sophomore Class Sponsor:It really gets groups of students involved within their school and within their community.


Jillian Hofstadt, Sophomore Class President: It allows students in the school to become active in planning events that the student body will enjoy. It’s also crucial in communication between the school’s staff/administrators and the students.


Brittany Bray, Junior Class Sponsor: It is a great way for students to get to know each other outside of school. It’s a great way for students to be involved in something fun and bigger than themselves. It’s a good way for students to start or continue volunteering in their community.


Carter Pacis, Junior Class President: It gives the students an active voice to get their ideas across. It allows them to be able to speak up for what they want to happen in our school, not just sit back and let a bunch of other kids do it. They can actively participate in what happens and what is planned.


Margaret Sharp, Senior Class Sponsor: Student Leadership is an awesome opportunity for students to take on real leadership roles and have a say on dance themes and school events.


Jake Antenore, Senior Class President: It gives students a voice in the school, so we can improve and do the kind of stuff they want to see and make the changes they want– not just make changes that we think are best but changes that we know are best for the student body.


Q: What is your favorite part about Student Leadership?

Lerner: My favorite part about Student Leadership is the planning and decorating stages of all the events, the social aspect of it. We get a large group of kids who are really interested in making Mundelein a great place and making our events the best, really coming together and having fun together.


Henrichs: My favorite part is when the events and change that students want take place in the way they envisioned– seeing students take pride in their work that they have done.


Feijoo: My favorite part of Student Leadership is getting to plan and participate in all school events and community service projects. It’s really awesome getting to work with people who are as committed and passionate about improving the school as you are.


Gaughan: I am continuously surprised at how amazing our students are– the events that we put on, the way that students interact and treat one another– it’s just the sense of constantly being proud of our student population.


Block: My favorite part about Student Leadership is getting to know my students outside of the classroom, hearing what they’re passionate about and seeing their creative side when we are decorating for dances, and all the ideas they come up with throughout the year.


Hofstadt: My favorite part of being a student leader is getting to collaborate with a lot of different people from different ages. I also feel responsible to make sure I am leading my peers in the right direction.


Bray: The students, and I like the other sponsors as well; they’re pretty cool. My favorite part is doing the volunteer activities and seeing everyone come out and seeing the students so enthusiastic and so excited and so willing to give their time and to do nice things for others.


Pacis: My favorite part about Student Leadership is probably interacting with all the different high schoolers in my grade as well as all the other ones in lower and high grades. It’s really nice meeting new people and working with them and going to things and planning things that are really fun for everyone. It’s a new experience that can only happen in such an activity.


Sharp: My favorite part of Student Leadership is getting to work with seniors. It’s unique getting to see students in a different setting. I get to know students on more of a personal level through Student Leadership.


Antenore: My favorite part of Student Leadership is probably the community service that we do and planning prom. Prom was probably my favorite part because I got the chance to really have a big role in the planning, the food-tasting and all that kind of stuff.


*Feijoo is an active member of Student Leadership; this year she serves as school wide president.