Students’ holiday traditions

Maggie O'Donnell, Features Editor

Snow is falling, Christmas trees are being put up in houses all over the world and Christmas music is blasting from cars as they pass. The holiday season is full of many activities for friends and families to enjoy together to get into the holiday spirit. Here is what some MHS students are doing to celebrate their favorite holiday.


1) What is a tradition your family has for the holidays?

Shannon Lampi, senior: Every year for New Year’s, my dad makes crab legs and lobster, and we eat together as a big family.

Tyler Green, junior: Every year, on the day before Christmas Eve, my family and I make pierogis for the next day.

Audrey Kafka, junior: On Christmas Eve, we go to my grandma’s house on my dad’s side, and we open presents with them. Then, my grandma gives us sticky buns (cinnamon rolls kind of), and we eat those on Christmas morning. When we wake up on Christmas, we open presents and then eat breakfast. Then, [we] open stockings [and] then watch a Christmas movie.

Brock Paulch, freshman: My family and I go to a family friend’s Christmas party every year.


2) What is your favorite part about the holidays?

Lampi: My favorite part is not having school and being able to spend time with my family.

Green: My favorite part of the holidays is spending a lot of time with my family.

Kafka: Spending time with family and friends– everyone is in a good mood, and of course, CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

Paulch: Eating fried crickets and raw cookie dough with my family.


3) What is your favorite treat to eat during the holidays, and why?

Lampi: My favorite treat is the Christmas cookies given out around the holidays. They are good to eat with hot chocolate while watching Christmas movies.

Green: I love to eat the pierogis we make because it’s fun to see how well we did.

Kafka: Cranberry cake!

Paulch: Cookies because they are just amazing.


4) What is your favorite holiday movie, and why?

Lampi: My favorite holiday movie is “Elf” because it is so funny.

Green: My favorite holiday movie is “Elf.” It’s funny because of Will Ferrell and gets you in the holiday spirit.

Kafka: “Elf” or “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”

Paulch: “Elf” because it makes me laugh, and Will Ferrell is my favorite actor.