New boys’ tennis coach steps up to fill role

Hadyn Nuttall, Staff Reporter

The boys tennis season will begin under new Head Coach Greg Cohen, who is filling the shoes of retiring Head Coach Shelley Majewski.

   “Coach Cohen has more energy than all of our players and myself combined,” said JV Coach Lauren Morley, who will be working with Coach Cohen in the spring. He has so many great ideas for the program, and I can’t wait to see how that will impact the growth of our program long-term.” 

   As the former Warren Township High School varsity tennis coach, Cohen has come out of retirement to join the Mundelein community, and creating a positive and exciting program with the help of his players is Coach Cohen’s primary priority, he said.

   “Anything I’ve ever accomplished has been because of the hard work of players, which is a cool thing, and I know that,” Cohen said.

   With that in mind, he’s setting up competitive tournaments and match play opportunities for Mundelein players through annual summer camps. These plans also include a Junior Excellence program Cohen has started on the weekends for boys in middle school. This program provides the opportunity to practice tennis and play competitively with each other in order to help build a deep roster of talent for the tennis program at MHS.

   Sophomore Kurt Dumblauskas, who has been helping Cohen with the Junior Excellence program, said he is most excited about Coach Cohen’s passion for the game and the way he is always looking for ways to help his players improve their game. 

   “He’s introduced a multitude of new and engaging drills that help strengthen you as a player,” Dumblauskas said.

   Coach Morley said she believes Cohen’s “excitement and expertise” will help the tennis program not only grow in size but also in skill.  

   Not only does Cohen support his players by providing them with various practice opportunities to improve their skills, Cohen consistently demonstrates his investment in the other achievements and successes of the kids he coaches. He frequently shows his support by attending their other sports games. For instance, even though the boys tennis season isn’t until the spring, he has already gone out to support Mundelein tennis players at their golf tournaments, soccer games and cross country meets.

   “I want them to know I support them doing those other sports,” he said. “I think that’s great.” 

   Cohen additionally is encouraging boys who don’t have a spring sport and are looking for something fun and challenging to do to try out for tennis. 

   “We’re going to have some great memories,” he said. “We want to compete; we want to get better.”