Girls softball players, coach pitch new season goals, challenges


Photo by Megan Burns

At the first day of tryouts on Monday, Feb. 28, Junior Makenna Wolf throws a softball at a net as Junior Varsity II Coach Wendy Inman tracks the velocity of her throw.

Megan Burns, News- Features Editor

With the spring sports season headed into full swing, members of the girls softball team look ahead toward the new season.

   The team might come across slight setbacks “returning to a full traditional spring season” as there were no games in 2020 and the “later summer season” of 2021 was shortened, stated Kat McCreery, head softball coach.

   “I am just so thankful to have a traditional spring season of high school softball and to get back to some normalcy– both on and off the field,” McCreery said.

   With the long season, the team will have to face the “everyday commitment” once again, as Kellie Shanahan, senior and varsity captain, noted.

   “Some might find the commitment to be mentally and physically challenging while [they’re] also juggling academics,” Shanahan said.

   But the team also has a variety of goals to stay motivated– goals both for the team and for the individual.

   Some players, like Gaby Seleps, junior, have faced individual challenges they’re ready to overcome.

   “As I was injured in the off-season, I plan to make a full recovery and work hard to improve my pitching skills as well as become a better player and teammate overall this season,” Seleps said.

   Others are looking at the competition they’ll encounter.

   “I am working to pitch a full game and keep my endurance up the whole time, and as a team, we hope to beat Stevenson [High School] and get ahead in our conference,” Junior Ashley Wolverton said.

   Along with Stevenson, Warren [High School] is another school MHS’s softball team wishes to beat, mentioned by both Seleps and Wolverton.

   “We face a lot of big hitters from teams like Stevenson and Warren, so we are going to work on keeping our defense sharp,” Wolverton said.

   Shanahan said she believes the team’s “keys to success” will be “practice and communication.” 

   “We will be facing very good players in our conference,” Shanahan said. “However, with great leadership and commitment, I believe the team will be well prepared to take on this competition.”