Reliable resources for the future

Kayla Baltazar, News-Features/Opinion Editor

   Going into senior year, one of the biggest stressors is the looming deadlines for the future. After high school, there are so many new doors that are opened it can feel overwhelming. Whether it’s going to college, or going straight into work, the possibilities truly seemed endless.

   What was a helpful resource to help sort through all the options was the College and Career Resource Center (CCRC). Located in the B-wing at B-105, the CCRC has been nothing short of helpful with giving advice about the future.

   With a flexible schedule, the CCRC is open before school, after school, and even during lunch periods. Their doors are always open and they take questions in with open arms. The flexibility is very nice for students who are always busy.

   Andrea Rusk, Amy Bogseth, and Rosangela Fiore are the people behind the CCRC. All of them are always willing to help out and try to answer any questions that might appear. Working with all of them is great– they have so much knowledge about colleges and career paths it’s impressive, and they are so quick to find an answer in the event they might not know. 

   One thing that always stands out about the staff at the CCRC is how much they encourage students to ask questions or to come into workshops. Their communication with students is very frequent, and anyone who checks their student email regularly can attest to that. There are constant reminders of upcoming college visits or opportunities to work on college applications. 

   The lunch and learn workshops offered at the CCRC include time for students to work on their college applications, and offer a space for students to help students as they all go through the processes together. It’s a wonderful time to ask questions, learn more about what you might want to go into, and prepare you so you don’t get overwhelmed with the looming college deadlines. 

   Rusk, Bogseth, and Fiori are all also very good at making sure everyone has a chance to succeed. They offer workshops in English and Spanish, which can be very helpful, especially for workshops that involve both the parents and the kids. It’s very apparent that the CCRC is there to make sure everyone at MHS can be successful and that any student can have the chance to pursue their biggest ambitions. 

   All in all, the CCRC is one of the best resources that can be offered and is an amazing area to have at Mundelein. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to stop by at least once. Underclassmen, remember it is never too early to start planning for your future. You never know how useful the time you spend now is until you don’t have it anymore. Seniors, don’t waste this amazing resource right at your fingertips. This year can be stressful, but hopefully a stop at the CCRC can at least make college planning a little more bearable. 

   A huge thank you to Mrs. Rusk, Ms. Bogseth, and Mrs. Fiore. Your efforts here at this school are so appreciated, and after seeing how many Mustang alumni are now living successful lives after high school, it’s evident that all your hard work is paying off.