New student leadership sponsors, goals for the year

Megan Burns, Print Editor-In-Chief

   With the previous sponsors stepping down after 10 years, Mundelein High School Student Leadership welcomes six new sponsors to the club– and they’re ready for the year ahead of them.

   Junior Class President Animesh Bijawat states how this “sponsor selection came late,” but these teachers were still able to “[step] up to help guide [them] through this chaotic time of change.”

   “We are all very grateful for the sponsors because Student Leadership wouldn’t run without them,” Bijawat said. “As part of the executive board, it is our job to help the sponsors make this year great.”

   For the Junior Class, the new sponsor is Social Studies Teacher Sydney Hamilton.

   “I am super excited to be representing the junior voice, and I plan to emulate the previous sponsors to the best of my ability!” Hamilton said. 

   Another sponsor, Senior Class sponsor Shannon Franklin, says how they will be “looking at all of [the previous sponsors] notes to make sure [they] are as consistent as possible to years past.”

   New changes have been made to student leadership with these new sponsors, such as “navigating new inclusivity.”

  Hamilton said how “we are being as receptive as we can to student voices at this time to make sure any changes reflect our intentions,”   

   One of Hamilton’s goals for the year is then to “reflect the accurate voice of the students.”

   “We are welcoming of all voices, and a super easy way to get involved is to communicate with the sponsors,” Hamilton said.

   As for Franklin, though, her goal is to bond with the students.

   “[I hope] to bond with as many students as possible in student leadership and to learn how to plan all of our school events,” Franklin said.

   Even the students have similar goals; Bijawat says how a goal is to “increase [their] outreach efforts,” and how he wants to “hit the ground running.”

   “It’s imperative that we be more involved in [outreaching] as we have lacked it previously,” Bijawat said.

   To reach his goal, Bijawat hopes to “[show] why Student Leadership is fun,” by advertising and connecting with people in the school.