An Evening of One Acts

Jolene Zielinski, Reporter

  On September 12 and 13 Mundelein Theatre performed student-directed one acts that consisted of comedy, drama, romance, life and death. The One Acts consisted of six short plays directed by Mundelein seniors, all with different stories, themes and genres.  

  The seniors directing, Madeline Demuth, Will Gonzales, Gianna Horcher, Josh Laffe, Andy Lacroix, and Abby Mcfarland, were all very excited and confident to showcase their chosen play and show off the actors and actresses they personally chose for this experience. 

  “This is my first time directing anything, let alone a One Act. I am beyond excited to have this opportunity, but with all new experiences there comes nerves. I had worries going into the process about how I would be able to tackle casting a show and getting it to the point where everyone involved was happy with the outcome and excited to put it in front of an audience,” said Demuth. 

   Demuth added, “However, once the rehearsals started, I’ve grown more and more confident because we are all enthusiastic about putting this show together and having a lot of fun while doing it.”   

   The directors were able to choose their own play to direct. 

   “I chose the play, but it was actually written by my dad, Hector Gonzalez.” Gonzalez stated. 

   The One Acts were supervised by math teacher Jeff Harding, English teacher Mark Landuyt and Theater Teacher Jonathan Meier.