The Art Festival is Back

Jolene Zielinski, Reporter

  The Mundelein community welcomed back the Mundelein Art Festival where 45 artists showcased and sold their own art, including paintings, sculptures, jewelry and other various craft items.Students from Mundelein High School and Carmel Catholic High School, also had their artwork displayed at the festival.

  It feels great to have had art up at the festival! I’m super thankful to Mr. Pruc for giving us the opportunity to showcase our hard work,” said David Tateosiavn, a senior at Mundelein High School, who was able to display his own work of art. “I’m excited for people to see the art that I’ve worked hard on.” 

 “It’s great for people to show their own creativity, it was a fun experience to be able to look at all the art,” stated Isaac Kats, former Mundelein High School student. “I love art, and I’m glad that we have a community that is able to share and promote students and artists.”

  If you missed the festival this year, the art festival comes back every year, with new art to show and new experiences.