Letter to the editor

Tyler Bell, Guest Writer

If you’ve ever been to an MHS football game, you would know that the event is riveting. Whether you’re a part of the football team, the band, the dance squad, cheer, or the student section, you’ll always have something to do. Everyone there can have fun – only if they’re being kind and respectful to one another. Sportsmanship is not only between two teams, it includes everyone at the game.


During the September 23rd game against Stevenson, our Mustangs put up a great fight. Our students cheered them on, no matter what, while showing great sportsmanship. Unlike MHS, the Stevenson student section was not as respectful as it should’ve been, specifically to the marching band. I – a clarinet player in the band – can testify to this. Not only was a ball intentionally thrown at my section mates, practically tripping them during our halftime show, but I was also called the n-word while marching near the away team stands.


It was during our normal routine, right before our pregame performance in which we play the fight song and Star-Spangled Banner. As we were marching by the Stevenson stands (which my column was closest to), I heard a voice from the student section call me the n-word. Of course I was caught off guard, wondering if I really heard it over all of the incessant boos that they were screaming at the band. But I heard it. 


If it’s not obvious enough, this is an example of bad sportsmanship. In any instance of indecency, the people acting this way should face a punishment. In this case, it would be kicking the student section out. Nonetheless, Stevenson had no consequences, and was able to cheer on their football team until the end.


What I would like in the future is for MHS to take more action in situations like these. My last homecoming game experience was practically ruined, yet no one dealt with any consequences for their actions. Before every game starts, the announcer preaches that any incident will result in an immediate ejection. IHSA’s Hate Speech and Harassment Policy Procedure even reads that they will “institute more serious consequences for an athlete who persists in using hate speech”, and this should count for anyone involved in the game.


Racism is a serious thing in this country, and in order to put an end to it, we all have to put forth an effort to get rid of it once and for all.