Let’s see some school spirit

Hadyn Nuttall, Sports/Entertainment Editor

  In 2019, the Homecoming pep rally was electric. The whole school was crowded in the gym, everyone dressed in class colors. The band was playing, people were cheering, energy filled the room. Almost everyone in that gym was on their feet. Spirit week was a big deal. People went all out. A majority of the school was dressed up every day. Homecoming week was fun.

  In the past two years the homecoming assembly has been less than exciting. The band still plays, some people are still in class colors, and cheers are still done, but the student body doesn’t seem to fully engage. People barely get out of their seats. Spirit week was similarly lacking. This year it felt like people dressed up when they felt like it. Just recently, BSU hosted a Halloween spirit week and very few people participated. Coming back after Covid has shown a loss of school spirit and participation in these events. It’s an opportunity to be proud of our school and have fun and the student body isn’t engaging in it.

  We are Mundelein and we should be proud of it. We have a great school community. And best of all it’s fun. It’s fun to have school spirit and dress up and cheer. It may feel silly at times but what’s wrong with being a little silly. It’s a way to connect with classmates, friends, and staff members. It’s a way to build togetherness. The student section at football games had great school spirit. Now let’s extend it to spirit weeks and assemblies and the rest of the school. Take these opportunities to have ‘the high school experience’. Let’s support each other and build each other up. Let’s have pride in our community. Let’s have fun together.